Halloween Jewelry Ideas & Inspiration

by Rena Klingenberg.

Halloween Jewelry Ideas and Inspiration - Jewelry Making Journal

The elements that make Halloween so delightfully disturbing can also lead to clever jewelry designs.

Here’s a collection of creative, inspiring jewelry ideas for Halloween and Day of the Dead – from some of the talented jewelry artists here in the Jewelry Making Journal community:


Halloween Jewelry Tutorial:

Creepy Crawly Spider Earrings Tutorial, by Rena Klingenberg
These bead and wire spider earrings are a good jewelry project for tweens, teens, and adults – and could be a great Halloween party make-and-take:

Creepy Crawly Spider Earrings - tutorial by Rena Klingenberg


Bat and Vampire Jewelry:

Spooky & Fun Halloween Necklace, by Joan Williams
Joan punched holes in this bat stamping so she could hang sinister dangles from its wings:

Spooky & Fun Halloween Necklace - Joan Williams

Bat Macrame Necklace, by Priscilla Kata
Priscilla’s bat necklace features a colorful labradorite cabochon in a macrame setting:

Labradorite macrame necklace - Priscilla Kata

Victorian Spirits by Diana Fiveash
Diana’s elegant Victorian gothic choker with skulls and blood-red droplets is sure to attract Dracula’s attention:

Victorian Spirits Choker - Diana Fiveash


Spider Jewelry:

Children’s Halloween Bracelet – Spider and Spider Web! by Carla Davis
Carla’s bracelet design uses up a variety package of Halloween buttons from the dollar store:

Children's Halloween Bracelet - Carla Davis

Runaway Costs for Custom Made by Mary Wong
A candelabra and red spider give Mary’s earrings the feel of a classic horror movie scene:

Candelabra and Red Spider Earrings - Mary Wong


Day of the Dead Jewelry:

Dias de Los Muertas Necklace by Neena Shilvock
Inspired by Frida Kahlo, Neena’s necklace has Frida’s ubiquitous flowers and ceramic sugar skulls imported from Peru:

The Dias de Los Muertas Necklace - Neena Shilvock

Day of the Dead, by Marnie Ehlers
I especially love the lipstick and jeweled “beauty mark” on Marnie’s skull creation:

Day of the Dead - Marnie Ehlers


Other Skull Jewelry:

Give Him Pin-Up Roses! Poly Clay Cufflinks by Barnes Lovey De Luxe
Barnes topped black roses with silver skulls for this chilling pair of cufflinks:

Burlesque Black Roses & Skull Cuff Links - Barnes Lovey De Luxe

I Need A Little Help From My Friends, by Maryanne Murphy
Skulls and roses combine for spooky-romantic earrings in Maryanne’s display:

A little help from my friends - Maryanne Murphy

Airship Pirate Pocket Watch, by Camille and Bill Williams
Steampunk works nicely with Halloween elements, as Camille and Bill demonstrate with the skull chain of this dapper pocket watch:

Airship Pirate Pocket Watch - Camille and Bill Williams

Should She Follow in This Artist’s Footsteps? by Rena Klingenberg
A closeup of the jewelry I’m wearing in this video – cameo skull earrings plus a blood-red glass and wire pendant:

Skull Cameo Earrings and Blood Red Glass Pendant - Rena Klingenberg


Haunting Jewelry:

Wicked Bracelet by Bridgette L. Rallo
Bridgette stamped this bracelet with Macbeth’s “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”:

Something Wicked This Way Comes Bracelet - Bridgette L. Rallo

Reliquary Necklace #1, by Brenda Braun
In this gothic-arch shaped tin, Brenda buried a vintage Frozen Charlotte doll with raw garnet stones and vintage ephemera – all under jewelry grade resin:

Reliquary Necklace - Brenda Braun

Eye of Horace Amulet, by R.E.Blake
R.E. Blake’s amulet combines fun and horror with this homage to the ancient Egyptian “Eye of Horus” symbol. Be sure to read the story that accompanies this Eye of Horace!

Eye of Horace Amulet - R.E. Blake


Jewelry in Halloween Colors:

Rustic Saffron Spikes, by Jemima Carvalho
Jemima found these orange-saffron dyed stone spikes at the Tucson Gem Show. Worn with a black top, an orange necklace adds instant Halloween style:

Rustic Saffron Spikes - Jemima Carvalho

Black Agate Toothed Necklace, by Laura Bailey
Laura combined a full strand of black agate tusks with black onyx rondelles to create this “toothy” statement necklace:

Black Agate Toothed Necklace - Laura Bailey

Tangerine Dream, by Marianne Melnik
Marianne created this vivid orange memory wire bracelet for a client – and it would also make a great October accessory:

Tangerine Dream Bracelet - Marianne Melnik

The Desert Mambo Necklace, by Neena Shilvock
Neena’s mixed media piece combines a polymer clay pendant, cream ruffles, patinated copper wire and a piece of coral. What a lovely Halloween accessory this would be:

The desert Mambo necklace - Neena Shilvock


Jewelry Displays and Packaging:

Vintage Props for Effective Displays, by Karen Hess
Karen gave her displays a Day of the Dead twist at a show where she planned to feature her Day of the Dead creations:

Vintage Props for Effective Displays - Karen Hess

Joint Ventures – a Way to Improve Your Jewelry Business, by Carolina González
Carolina created these Halloween promo packs for a free raffle at a local tea bar, whose Halloween party is their biggest event of the year:

Halloween Promo Bag - Carolina Gonzalez

Multi Purpose Jewelry Display, by Mindy Emmerich
Mindy repurposed a dresser mirror into this jewelry display with a cobweb and skeleton decorated frame:

Skull and Skeleton Jewelry Display - by Mindy Emmerich

Super Spooky Halloween Tree, by Aylett Only
Aylett spotted this wire tree in a Michaels craft store – great for displaying jewelry:

Spooky Wire Halloween Tree Display - Aylett Only

An Earring Tree, by Nancy Vaughan
Nancy made this versatile display from floral wire and tape. It makes a great haunted Halloween tree for displaying jewelry:

An Earring Tree - Nancy Vaughan


What Halloween / Day of the Dead
Jewelry Are You Making?

We’d love to see how you interpret Halloween or Day of the Dead in jewelry. Please share your creation here! 🙂


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