Rena Klingenberg

Rena KlingenbergWelcome! I’m Rena Klingenberg – jewelry artist, author, online jewelry teacher – and the founder and publisher of Jewelry Making Journal.

And I love handmade jewelry!

Although I often make complex pieces of jewelry like this:

Green Paua Shell Sterling Silver Wire Pendant by Rena Klingenberg

. . . one of my specialties is designing and teaching jewelry projects that look impressive – but are easy to make, like this:

Wrapped Stacked Wire Ring - tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Wrapped Stacked Wire Ring – tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

My natural way of doing things is to simplify everything.

I cut out the clutter and distill things down to simple steps and tools.

And I teach you how to get professional results – with simple techniques.

I believe that making creative jewelry should be fun, do-able, and affordable for everyone.

Selling Handmade Jewelry

In addition to teaching jewelry making, my other area of expertise is jewelry business.

Over the years I’ve sold my work in nearly every way imaginable – shows, parties, consignment, private showings, my website, wholesale, sales reps, distributors, eBay, trunk shows, fundraiser shows, etc.

(That’s why this website has one of the internet’s biggest collections of posts about jewelry business and jewelry displays!)

My favorite way to sell my jewelry has been private showings (the strategies I teach in my “Easy Ways to Sell Your Jewelry Every Day” ebook).

Mabe Pearl and 14k gf Wire Pendant - by Rena Klingenberg

Why I Started This
Friendly Jewelry Community

After years of making and selling my handmade jewelry, I decided to create a website for jewelry artists.

I wanted it to be a place for information, inspiration, encouragement, and sharing.

So back in 2003 I launched the website that I would have loved to find when I first started making and selling jewelry!

Over the years it evolved into Jewelry Making Journal – this inspiring magazine-style website and creative jewelry community where you are right now.

I’m thrilled to have thousands of lovely jewelry artists from all over the world, sharing and connecting here at JMJ.

Mauve Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver Pendant by Rena Klingenberg

Your Jewelry Journey

Wherever you are on your creative jewelry journey, I’m here to help you.

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I wish you every joy and success in all your jewelry activities!

Rena Klingenberg
founder and publisher,
Jewelry Making Journal

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