​How to sell more of your handmade jewelry​
this holiday season

Sell More Jewelry This Holiday Season ebook by Rena Klingenberg  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal
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​"​A great resource.

​​I have learned more from your Jewelry Holiday Selling ebook in the past hour than all the other sources online. You are a great teacher!"


The 10 Mistakes Jewelry Artists Make When Trying to Sell to Holiday Shoppers ... (I Used to Make These Mistakes - Do You?)

1.) They don't know what to prepare for the holiday season before it arrives.

2.) They don't build customer contact lists.

3.) They don't plan their promotions, marketing messages, or social media posts.

4.) They don't know how to position their jewelry as giftable items.

5.) They position their jewelry only as discounted, low-priced items for the entire holiday season.

6.) They don't have their online presence set up for the needs and mindset of holiday shoppers.

7.) They're not sure what motivates customers during the holiday shopping season.

8.) They overlook ways to make easy sales.

9.) ​They don't know how to make multiple sales from each customer.

10.) ​They think they have to stick to mainstream sales venues like craft shows and Etsy.

But while everyone else is struggling to sell their jewelry in mainstream ways... you could be profiting with these smarter strategies in my ebook, "Sell More Jewelry This Holiday Season"​.

Sell More Jewelry this Holiday Season - ebook by Rena Klingenberg -  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Here's What You'll Get in This 72 Page PDF Ebook:

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Plan and Prepare for a Successful Holiday Season.

Fourteen strategies for getting important things done for your jewelry business, in advance of the holiday season.
These are things that are crucial to planning, promoting, and setting up opportunities to connect your jewelry with holiday shoppers.


Get Your Online Presence Ready for Holiday Shoppers.
Eleven checkpoints for making sure your online presence is holiday-ready.

How to make it easier for online customers to shop from you online - including the 16 questions that are most frequently asked by online holiday shoppers.


Offer Giftable Jewelry Items.

Nine strategies for making your jewelry more "giftable" - so holiday shoppers see your work as the solution to their gift-giving challenges.

Plus 7 jewelry features that appeal to a wide range of gift recipients, plus alternative jewelry gift ideas you can offer.


Jewelry Pricing and Offering Special Deals for the Holidays.

Should you discount your jewelry to make more holiday sales?
Learn 7 smart strategies for offering special deals without giving away the store, plus 2 major reasons why you shouldn't discount your jewelry, and 5 things holiday shoppers actually want more than discounts.


Promoting Your Jewelry for the Holiday Season.

How to set up a simple holiday marketing calendar and turn it into a success tool for your jewelry business.  Also learn 7 important ways to promote your jewelry to holiday shoppers, and how to plan more effective promotional efforts, plus 9 examples of special promotions that resonate with shoppers.


Customer Care and Your Holiday Shoppers.

Customer care is one of the most important facets of your jewelry business during the busy holiday shopping season.

We'll see the holiday shopper's perspective, and 10 ways you can provide the kind of care your customers will love - even when things get hectic.


Creative Opportunities for Selling Your Jewelry This Holiday Season.

Look outside of where everyone else is selling their work.

Here are 20 examples of alternative opportunities to connect holiday shoppers with your jewelry - often with little or no competition from other jewelers or vendors.


Strategies for Selling Even More Jewelry NEXT Holiday Season.

You'll learn how to dig into:

  • 7 things to do this year that will help you have even more success with selling your jewelry NEXT holiday season.
  • 5 things to analyze about your holiday sales this year that will help you make even more profitable decisions for next year.
  • 10 things to observe about other businesses this holiday season to give you smart ideas for next year.
  • When to start planning and preparing for next year's holiday season.

Jewelry Artists Are Saying​:

​"​You are so generous to share this valuable information.

Rena, your Sell More Jewelry This Holiday Season ebook tranformed my entire jewelry business.  I learned how to plan, what to jewelry to make, how to price, where to sell, how to promote, when to do everything ect."


​"​Loved your Holiday selling book, Rena.

​​Especially your wonderful tips for jewelry that sells best and how to set prices for the Holiday sales."


Rena Klingenberg, author of this ebook

Rena Klingenberg - Jewelry Making Journal

​Hi!  I’m Rena Klingenberg – jewelry artist, online jewelry teacher, author – and the founder and publisher of Jewelry Making Journal.

One area of my expertise is jewelry business.

Over the years I’ve sold my work in nearly every way imaginable – shows, parties, galleries, wholesale, retail, consignment, private showings, my own website, sales reps, distributors, eBay, trunk shows, festivals, fundraiser events, etc.

My natural way of doing things is to simplify everything. I cut out the clutter and distill everything down to simple steps and tools. And I teach you how to sell your handmade jewelry with professional results.

I believe that selling handmade jewelry should be fun and do-able for everyone. So let's get started! :)

This Ebook is for You if ...

  • ​You​ want to sell your jewelry - without tons of other jewelry booths all around you.
  • ​You're not selling as much jewelry during the holiday season as you'd like to.
  • ​You're making good sales, but you want to really crush it.

This Ebook is NOT for You if ...

  • ​You're not interested in selling ​your jewelry.
  • If you’re already doing well with selling your jewelry, you may not​ need this guide because you’re probably already doing most of the things in it! ​

Jewelry Artists Are Saying​:

"My husband and I were worrying about how we are going to increase sales, especially during the holiday season.

​We purchased your ​ebook and followed some of the tips, and we ​pleased with our results.  Next year we are going to start earlier and use even more of your tips​."


​"I purchased your Holiday e-book and that helped me a lot.

​I just did an indoor show yesterday. Most of the people were interested and bought my original polymer designs.  I am so truly happy, and feel as though what I am doing is validated.  I have signed up to do several more small indoor shows. Plus I was invited to do one while at the show yesterday!"

​- Patti Underwood




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Sell More Jewelry This Holiday Season ebook by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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