Holiday Destash Ornament

Holiday Destash Ornament, by Candy Carlile

by Candy Carlile. (Central Texas) I am forever picking up pretty focals with the best intentions of making them into lovely necklaces, brooches or bracelets. Alas, many of these wonderful pieces never make it to my work table and sit unloved in one of my many jewelry baskets. So this year, I decided to make […]

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Texture and Color Take Front Stage

Texture and Color Take Front Stage by Terri Marie Wlaschin - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Terri Marie Wlaschin. (Key West, FL) I feel this past year I am crawling out from a decades long self-imposed lockdown on color and patterning. I know I can be fearless, but first I usually have to wrestle with the beadzilla beast inside me that fights for caution. I didn’t feel that while making […]

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Seven Super Jewelry Making Hacks, by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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Pretty in Pink Jewelry

Pretty in Pink Jewelry by Izelle

by Izelle. (South Africa) I love working with Alcohol ink, and bezels with glass domes. Every piece is one of a kind. With an eye problem, (due to Lupus ) I lost my central sight (cailed‘bulls eye ) , but still manage to do my jewellry making…..mainly because I never stopped! Using AI on Aluminium […]

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Tea Set Treasures

Tea Set Treasures by Candy Carlile

by Candy Carlile. (Texas) I love miniatures and have found a way to combine cute miniature tea sets with my obsession for jewelry making. You can usually get several pieces from one set. If the little saucers do not have holes for jump rings–just drill holes at the top of them and you are ready […]

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Leather and Suede Diffuser Jewelry

Leather and Suede Diffuser Jewelry by Audrey Cottle - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Audrey Cottle. (PENNSYLVANIA) I use genuine leather and suede to make diffuser jewelry which means it is designed to absorb and slowly diffuse essential oils throughout the day. I started making leather jewelry as a hobby a few years ago. I had a lot of encouragement from friends and family to turn this hobby […]

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Growing New Skills by Taking on Tough Challenges

Growing New Skills by Taking on Tough Challenges by Diana White - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Diana White. (United States) One of the best ways to keep growing as a metal artist, in addition to researching videos, tutorials, and taking classes, is to join in with a metalsmithing group and responding to design challenges/competitions. This is exactly what I did a couple of months ago after a friend shared photos […]

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Memory Wire Revisited

Memory Wire Revisited, by Cheryl Barnes

by Cheryl Barnes. (United States) I am a Memory Wire fan. But, most memory wire bracelets tend to look similiar and I try to break out of that model. I love working with various natural gemstones, metals resistant to tarnish and wire. The oval memory wire is somewhat difficult to work with as the ovals […]

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Handcrafted Wood Resin Jewelry

by Margriet. (Canada) Using wood from our property, letting it cure/dry then combining it with resin, color, small rocks, pouring it in layers which require curing after that it is all cured I hand cut, shape it, then LOTS of sanding and polishing, ( not my favourite part . Margriet Creative Colors

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Repurposing Mom’s Earrings

Repurposing Mom's Earrings by Jillian Granik

by Jillian Granik. (Northern New Jersey) My dear mother passed away recently leaving me with almost 100 pairs of costume clip-on earrings. She was a real fashion maven but was squeamish about getting her ears pierced. No one was interested in buying clip-on earrings, so I set about using some of them as pendants on […]

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Aromatherapy Bracelets

by Michelle Miller. (Great Falls MT) Hey Just thought I would show some of the bracelets I have been making lately. I make mostly Aromatherapy bracelets. Trying to branch out into different shapes. Michelle Miller Mrs Miller’s Handmade http://

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