For the Love of Jewelry

For the Love of Jewelry by Marcus Osbourne - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Marcus Osbourne. (Birmingham UK) My background is in lost wax casting of precious metals, particularly platinum. But having to adapt various customers’ waxes along the way I found a passion for wax carving. I now create bespoke wax jewellery models for customers at special request and enjoy turning there ideas into reality. This ring […]

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Appropriate Profit Percentage to Build into a Price?

Appropriate Profit Percentage to Build into a Price? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

by Helen M. (UK) I make simple-style handmade jewellery, using sterling silver, gold filled or silver plated findings. The main components are semi-precious stone beads, crystal or glass beads, shell or freshwater pearls, depending on the item. I focus on earrings and pendants. I only sell on ebay – “the biggest shopping window” (in theory […]

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Seven Super Jewelry Making Hacks, by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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Ceramic Clay Jewelry

Ceramic Clay Jewelry by Julie Leake - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Julie Leake. (Salt lake City, Utah) I have a disability. To help me distract from my pain I play with mud! Well, rather I play with clay! It is very calming. I draw my design, then make it from clay, bisque fire it, then glaze for final firing of cone 6 or cone 10. […]

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Silver Daisy Cuff

Silver Daisy Cuff by Kim Pernia - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Kim Pernia. (Maryland) This is an original design that shows off my new soldering skills. It has three silver daisies captured in a silver cuff. The wire is argentium so it does not tarnish. It’s fun and goes with everything. Kim Pernia Kimmings Jewelry

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Memories on Metal

Memories on Metal by Barbara Jacquin - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Barbara Jacquin. (South of France) I’m always ready to learn a new technique…and combine it with a vacation – Mendocino Art Center north of San Francisco! We were told to choose an image to be etched onto silver. Totally taken by the beautiful scenery along that coast, I chose this postcard. The result was […]

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Dramatic Dark Jewelry

Dramatic Dark Jewelry by Cherie Somerville - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Cherie Somerville. (Arizona) I absolutely love fossilized agates, or rather, agatized fossils…turritella agate is a real favorite! With all its organic little shapes, elegant charcoal color matrix & mysterious flashes of embedded crystal, it’s just hypnotic! Unfortunately, there’s been many times we’ve cut matching “tabbie” pieces of it, for earrings, only to have them […]

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