Beaded Wire Cuffs

Beaded Wire Cuffs by Patt Sheldon - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Patt Sheldon. (United States) I’m a Czech bead fanatic and have been finding new ways to use my extensive collection. I also love making , wearing, and selling cuffs. I use a 14 or 16 gauge wire for the frame, then wire wrap beads or glass pearls across the frame using 20 gauge. Interestingly, […]

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Seven Super Jewelry Making Hacks, by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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Christmas Hearts and Leather

Christmas Hearts and Red Leather by Janet MacFarlane - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Janet MacFarlane. (United States) Had a huge stash of hearts that I was initially going to make a charm bracelet with. But seeing that they would show nicer in a necklace curve, I needed to find some way to extend the short chain. The Christmas holiday coming up inspired me to add braided leather […]

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Wire Wrapped Shell Pendant

Wire Wrapped Shell Pendant by Miriam Laister - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Miriam Laister. (Normanville, South Australia) Strolling on my local beach I often find shells and beach glass and pottery to use for my jewellery. This shell was painted with pearl nail lacquer and wrapped with wire and an added pearl bead. It won first prize in the open jewellery section of my local show. […]

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Mystery Metal

Mystery Medal by Nancy Vaughan - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) Is it pewter? Is it brass? Is it silver plate? The metal in this necklace really is a mystery. In certain lights it has a bit of a golden sheen but in others it looks more like silver. This necklace is made from a deconstructed thrift store find. The […]

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Polymer Clay Designs

Polymer Clay Designs by by Catelaon - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Catelaon. (Satellite Beach, Florida) I have made over 200 beaded jewelry designs to get ready for my Etsy shop, CatesCreations1. But then I started seeing a lot of polymer clay videos and got hooked. Now I have started working with clay and having a fabulous time! Some of my creations come out so beautifully […]

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Gift for a Friend

Gift for a Friend by Alinda Lord - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Alinda Lord. (Lancaster, CA) In 2013 I had a good friend, Rose, going through chemotherapy. I wanted to send her something to wear when she went through her sessions. I called it her ‘happy bracelet’ and made it from all my collected detritus and all my love. I liked it! So I made one […]

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Goldstone! by LuElla - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by LuElla. (Toledo, OH) Here’s what I posted on my Instagram page: “First, thank you to Jewelry Making Journal for the tutorial on making the bracelet! This is my version of course 😜. It can be worn by any gender but what I’m most proud of is…tonight I taught myself how to make a clasp! […]

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Calottes and Beading Wire

Calottes and Beading Wire? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

by Jules. I’m always looking for better ways to finish off necklaces. I mostly use the crimp bead and crimp cover…or to avoid that, I use chain and wire wrapped links. The other day I saw a pin about using calottes to finish off beading wire necklaces. A calotte and a crimp bead are strung […]

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Purple Heart Bracelet

Purple Heart Bracelet by Patricia Torres - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Patricia Torres. (Las Vegas) I love working with wire and glass beads. I feel like I created a unique piece one of a kind bracelet for my school project. I’m with the NYIAD online school and this is one of my line pieces for graduation. I have 18 pieces on my jewelry line. Patricia […]

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