Marriage Made in Heaven

Marriage Made in Heaven - Pendant by Elizabeth Reid - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Elizabeth Reid. (Rockville, MD) I consider myself an “intermediate” jewelry maker and love learning new techniques. Recently I did some broom straw casting and love the unexpected and beautiful results. I had a beautiful seraphinite cabochon that I had been waiting for an inspiration for its use Taking a piece of the casting and […]

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Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves by Janice Margaret Warren - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Janice Margaret Warren. (Corvallis, Oregon) I found this pendant and fell in love so I made this necklace to showcase it. I like to use many different beads and findings to keep the pieces interesting from top to bottom. Color is my forte and finding different shades and accent colors is really fun for […]

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Seven Super Jewelry Making Hacks, by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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Dia del Muerte Cuff

Dia del Muerte Cuff by Chris H. - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Chris H. (Virginia USA) I made this using a leather cuff blank and adhered the pieces with an epoxy. I bought a few of these blanks with the intent to make art. This concept was illustrated over the course of several days where it just kept evolving layer after layer. For instance, the last […]

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My First Craft Show

My First Craft Show by Dawn Carpino - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Dawn Carpino. (Ruby, NY) So, I just did my first craft show. I was upstairs in a classroom in a high school. There were about 100 vendors. Most of the stuff was “kitchy” Xmas stuff. I sold two necklace sets, one with a bracelet and one with earrings. Also sold a pumpkin bracelet and […]

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I ❤ Bead Embroidery!

I Love Bead Embroidery by Caroline Jones - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Caroline Jones. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) I’ve recently discovered bead embroidery and am now addicted! This is my favourite beaded jewelry technique. I’ve made a few pieces since discovering this technique and I have to say that You Tube is an awesome resource for anyone who wants to learn how to incorporate various stones and […]

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Flight of Shadows – Jewelry with History

Flight of Shadows - Jewelry with History by Deborah Rodriguez - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Deborah Rodriguez. (Mesquite, Texas) Discovering and collecting small, personal items from the past is one of my passions. I imagine the lives of the people that owned them. Marrying small, historical pieces into wearable, assemblage jewelry makes me feel that our ancestors are not forgotten, but rather, brought forward in our consciousness. My favorite […]

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Perseverance, A Feminine Power Pendent

Perseverance, A Feminine Power Pendent by Patricia C Vener - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Patricia C Vener. (Connecticut USA) I decided to start a series of pendants based on the shaped peyote form that naturally folds over (or curls up, depending on use). This was not the first one but it was the one that took the most effort as the larger beads are dense faceted pyrites and […]

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Walk in the Forest – Silver Leaf Jasper

Walk in the Forest by Patti G - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Patti G. (Florence, Oregon) I love jewelry! It has been a natural progression from wearing jewelry to creating treasures that I can share with others once I had the time. Searching for unique gemstones is one of my favorite pastimes so imagine my joy when I discovered this Silver Leaf Jasper pendant in a […]

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