Jewelry Inspired by Nature

Jewelry Inspired by Nature - Joanne Pust - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Joanne Pust. (Pittsburgh PA) My inspiration is nature. I live and work in the woods. Copper is my metal of choice but I do do a lot of mixed metal pieces. Every piece I make is hand cut. The only piece of equipment I use is a flex shaft and hammers (other than pliers […]

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Wire Wrapped Water Marble Stones

Wire Wrapped Water Marble Stones by Barbie - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Barbie. (Sacramento, Ca.) I design my stones by a water marble technique. Then I wire-wrap and wire-weave them. I’ve only been doing this for about a year, so I still have so much to learn. I must say it’s very addicting!! Barbie Wraps by Barbie

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Another Use For Memory Wire

Another Use for Memory Wire by Nancy Vaughan - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) I was surfing on line one day and came across a sun catcher made with memory wire. The beads used in the piece were colored and I’m not sure if they were crystal or fire polished. Oh joy, another interesting way to use memory wire! I decided to give […]

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Repurposed Earrings

Repurposed Earrings by Denise Bellinger - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Denise Bellinger. (Riverside, Ca.) I recently went through a bunch of old unused jewelry to see what I could possibly re-use in my jewelry making. I had an old pair of earrings I used to wear about 25 years ago. No kidding! And I had a pair of unusual earrings that I thought might […]

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But I’m Not an Artist!

But I'm Not an Artist! by Rinske Van Brederode - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Rinske Van Brederode. (Barrie Ontario, Canada) An art gallery where I sell some of my pieces had a fund raiser last year. Artists and crafters were encouraged to buy a small (6X6) wooden box and create a unique piece of art/craft. Most used the opportunity to paint a scene, but since I am NOT […]

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Halloween Necklace from Odds and Ends

Halloween Necklace by Mary Anne Enriquez - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Mary Anne Enriquez. I created this asymmetrical, soft fiber necklace from odds and ends found in my craft studio. I first crocheted a loose open glittery lace base. Then I stitched and crocheted Halloween-themed beads, buttons, jingle bells, scrapbooking charms, and a ribbon bow on with raffia. It’s a fun one-of-a-kind piece I truly […]

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Another Soldering Quandry!

Another Soldering Quandry - - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

by Jess Broghan. (Washington) I recently purchased “solder copper wire”, Silver Solder hard and Silver Solder medium. I want to know if it’s possible to get each of these solder types to melt using only a propane torch? I’ve attempted soldering copper with each of these and have not had any luck getting the solder […]

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