Airship Pirate Pocket Watch

by Camille and Bill Williams.
(Oroville, California, USA)

Airship Pirate Pocket Watch

Like a perfect estate find this fine engraved bronze antique style Roman mechanical pocket watch has precision engineered mechanical jeweled movement, see-through front acrylic cover and mineral glass rear window to allow viewing of the entire movement and back and forth rotation of the balance wheel as the watch runs.

Top filigree ornate cover flips open to view the black face dial with copper Roman numerals.

This is a mechanical style watch that keeps accurate time and will need to be wound but does not require batteries. Pocket watch measures 1.75 inches.

I created a custom beaded watch chain with a .75″ emerald green carved howlite skull connector linked in at 4″ from the watch clip to make it show in front of the pant pocket for a total length of 15.5 inches including the clips.

Camille and Bill Williams
Art Inspired Gifts


by: Leigh

I have always liked pocket watches. And this one does not disappoint. Great job.

by: Fox

this has to be the most beautiful piece of working machinerey i have ever seen. i must ask if you are selling it or any other watches similar to this.

by: Fox

absoloutly beautiful. i must ask if you are willing to sell this, or any watches similar to this that you have made? If it’s not to much trouble, of course.

by: Trista

Beautiful! Must have been a lot of work!

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