Multi Purpose Jewelry Display

by Mindy Emmerich.
(Oklahoma City, OK)

For my display, I got lucky. The people next door moved out and left a dresser mirror that attached to a dresser. I decided to pull the mirror, re-attach the legs that were supposed to be used to attach the mirror to the dresser and use them as legs on my stand.

I got silver metal window screen and covered the whole inside of the frame and attached it with a staple gun. Next, I had my son paint my logo and the name of my jewelry across the top as well as the skulls and bones that are on the frame.

I bought two small curtain rods and attached for my bracelets to hang on. They are easy to take off by just unhooking each bracelet. I used 2 door hooks that you would use for the back of a bathroom door to hang towels and attached to each side for hanging the necklaces.

The screen works perfect for hanging earrings as well as using paperclips bent in half to hang other pieces that I want to stand out more. The legs on the frame fold for easy transport and it’s really simple to carry. I’ve found that wrapping a fitted sheet around the whole frame keeps me from losing any pieces that might come loose during transport! So far it’s worked wonderfully for me!

Mindy Emmerich
Skulls and Stones


Great idea for display
by: Leigh

What a wonderful way to recycle, especially when it comes to you unexpectedly. I really like how you adjusted the mirror to meet all you needs and what a great idea to paint your logo and name on.

Multi purpose rack
by: Lynne Cirillo

This is so creative!! Love it!

Leverback earrings???
by: Diana

Would the silver mesh also work for hanging leverback earrings?

Sweet Repurposed Idea!
by: Victoria

Love your idea. I have been puzzled of what to use to hang my earrings. This would work for my earrings, necklaces and bracelets. If you don’t mind, I would love to make something similar to use for my show.

Great idea.

by: Anonymous

I don’t mind at all! That’s what this site is for anyway right? Just wanted to share my idea for others to enjoy! Feel free!! I have post earrings as well as the dangle earrings on there. =)

You can see my jewelry at

by: Danielle Raward

I’m always struggling with displaying my earrings – this is a GREAT idea. I’ve got some earring stands that I’ve bought, but they’re so same-same as everyone elses.

Great idea for having something a bit unique to draw the eye to! Thanks for sharing the idea!


garage sale find
by: Carol

I paid 50 cents at a garage sale for a 4-panel fireplace screen. Panels were wire mesh and they are stand alone. I, too use bent paper clips to hang things other than earrings. Lever backs don’t work well just hanging thru the mesh, but they can be hooked thru a paper clip and fastened and then the paper clip can be hung on the screen

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