Super Spooky Halloween Tree

by Aylett Only.
(Roanoke, VA)

My very first display of any kind!

I was finishing up my shopping at my local Michael’s store when I spotted these trees kind of hiding on an end of the isle shelf.

I had to go take a closer look at these creations that caught my eye.

How cool! They’re made completely with a heavy gauge wire from the creepy roots to the many branches and limbs that stretched upward to about 18″ and spanned outward almost as much.

The wire is covered by some kind of material like thick, heavy, chalky spray paint. Flat black. I think it was called a “Haunted Halloween Tree.”

Because the limbs were wire, they could be shaped and bent any way you wanted them to be! I immediately knew it would be perfect for my very first display of any kind. I got into designing jewelry about 8 months ago.

I’ve always decorated my home for the holidays, and this year, I focused everything around my Fall and Halloween jewelry collections.

I have always had a ton of jewelry for seasons and Holidays. That was until I took it all apart and used it in my own designs this year!

Because my tastes and styles are so varied, I decided to display a little of everything mixed together.

I made very inexpensive earrings for my Halloween Fun Wear Collection. They really are just for fun! My Swarovski crystal pumpkin earrings were hung right along with everything else. It made a very interesting, unique display that sparked a lot of conversation!

I ended up even adding some rings to the upper-most limbs because they were so easy to shape and hold the ring just right!

The only drawback was the powdery substance that shedded every time I made an adjustment. But it wasn’t enough to keep me from wanting 10 more next year!

I hope you like it 🙂

Thanks for your time and interest,

Body Adornments by Aylett


Did you sell more?
by: Anonymous

Question: Did it help you sell more jewelry?

Eye-catching and Eclectic!
by: Tracy

As a fellow jewlery designer, I’m a sucker for an unusual display. When I saw your festively adorned jewelry tree, I was immediately impressed! I especially like that you’re not afraid to mix more costumey, holiday pieces with the finer crystals. The interplay of different jewelry types and styles is bound to remind shoppers of the mix of adornments in their own jewelry boxes, making them more at home and open to buying. Best of luck!

The Tote Trove

Cool jewelry display tree
by: Rena

What a great idea to use this item as a jewelry display when you saw it!

Actually, I think you could easily use it in your display year-round. When it’s not Halloween season, I think it could be seen as more of a bonsai tree jewelry display.

I love how versatile and stylish it is! The ability to bend / reshape the branches to suit the jewelry you want to hang on it will really add to its usability. And black is nearly always a nicely effective jewelry display color.

I wonder if spraying a layer of clear sealant over the tree would stop its powdery shedding issue?

Thanks so much for sharing your nifty display idea with us, Aylett! At Easter you may want to keep an eye out for Easter trees on clearance (they’re made to hang eggs and ornaments on them, but can serve equally well for hanging jewelry!).

Aren’t these fun
by: Anonymous

I must admit my dad started this trend years ago with a display similar where we would hang socks and other small items on tree branches that were set into old style lamp bases. The small broken chunks from trees were perfect for lookings like a tree and the bases came from old lamps that no longer worked. It is a cheap and fun way to display the small things. The bases are heavy enough that even loaded they won’t tip. I have a rather larger version and it becomes top heavy so I use a small brick and simply skirt the base to hide the brick and line other items along the base. It is very eye catching.

Spooky Jewelry Display
by: Tricia – Bead Booty

Excellent display! I love the way your pieces look hanging from the black tree. Definitely draws the eye.

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