The Dias de Los Muertas Necklace

by Neena Shilvock.
(Nuneaton, United Kingdom)

The Dias de Los Muertas Necklace

The Dias de Los Muertas Necklace

Inspired by Frida Kahlo and the Day of the Dead, this necklace has her ubiquitous flowers and ceramic sugar skulls imported from Peru.

the-dias-de-los-muertas-necklace-21618421 the-dias-de-los-muertas-necklace-21618420

Connecting these are garlands of leaves with stylized berries made of blue sun stone and pearls.

handmade clasp

handmade clasp

The necklace is made of copper and silver plated copper, and the handmade clasp is asymmetrical, with one arm longer than the other.

A carnival necklace with a surprise twist.

Neena Shilvock
Caprilicious Jewellery


by: Leigh

Wonderful. The colors are great and what a fun twist to add the Dawn of the Dead inspiration.

Dia de los muertos
by: Cory

Your Dia de Los Muertos (correct pronunciation) is absolutely beautiful…. love the sugar skulls. (calaveras de azucar)

Las Flores y el Dia de los Muertos
by: Rena

Your work is always stunning and unique, Neena! I love how you’ve used wire to sculpt the flowers and leaves – it really does have a Carnival look, and the decorated skulls are a perfect touch!

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