An Earring Tree

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, CA)

The Tree with Ear Rings

When I first started visiting this site I saw an interesting display that had been made as a display for pendants.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the individual who made the display but I owe her a big “Thank You” for getting me energized to try something similar.

The Tree

The supplies for this version were not too expensive. The pot and rocks are from a 99cent store, the floral wire and tape are from JoAnn’s and the plaster of Paris is from a local home improvement store.

Currently I use my Earring Tree at the local farmers market. The earrings have wonderful movement in the breeze and are a nice attention getter. In the past I’ve also used the trees for center pieces at home parties.

Nancy Vaughan
WickedWireworks on ArtFire


I love this idea
by: Leigh

Such a great way to show off your earrings. Economical too, best type of display.

Wicked Wire!!
by: Maryanne Murphy

Just LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for sharing this idea and making me remember that I used to do floral design. I have a bunch of wire and black wrapping tape hanging around and would like to try my hand at your great idea!!!

variation on the theme
by: Anonymous

I made a similar tree, but using the painted twigs with LED’s on them (used in interior decor). Not only are they inexpensive (about $12 a bunch) but the LED’s are battery operated, so can be used without power points. I mixed them with twigs taken from gum trees (leaves attached) that I had sprayed with lacquer. I got plots of positive comments from people about how great it looked.
Janice Dance
Dandelion street jewellery

Love it – how do I make one?
by: Ildkat

Love your earring tree! All of mine are clip-ons so I’ve been searching for a solution that will work. I Had a few questions about how it’s made – is the basis an actual tree branch or is it just wire wrapped in florist’s tape?

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