“Counter Top” Pendants

by Irene Rossi.
(Sherborn, Massachusetts USA)


A friend was having new counters put in her kitchen. She gave me the samples. I glued two together and then wrapped them w/foil tape.I added charms and a piece of suede.

Irene Rossi


Counter Top Fashion
by: Rena

How clever, Irene! I could have used this idea last year when we re-did our kitchen counter and couldn’t decide on the color.

I really like what you did with the design to turn the counter-top sample into a pendant. Very nice.

You know, these sample chips are probably light weight enough to make great earrings too.

Thanks for sharing your awesome repurposing idea with us!

by: Irene

Rena, thanks for your comments and thanks also for the opportunity of “showing off” our designs on your site!

by: Angela Robison

Wow, I love this concept! What an awesome and unique idea! Thanks for sharing… 🙂


Great Idea
by: Beverly Holman

This is a great idea and the pendant is beautiful. This is one tip that will go into my tip book.

good job
by: Beetique

this is cute and a great idea

Very Smart!
by: Melissa

Very smart and creative. A great way to create from what you have and to profit from it!

Kitchen countertop pendant
by: Shirley

Very clever, Irene! What did you use to bind the edges with? I’d like to give it a try. We all have tubs of odds and ends that would be perfectly repurposed in this pendant. Thanks!

Counter top Pendant
by: Irene

First I glued two of the tiles togerher and then I used 1/4 inch metalic tape that you can find in any craft store
Thanks everyone for your positive comments.

Super idea
by: Mallory

This is such a wonderful way to use an item that would likely be thrown away. I love it!

Mallory Jones

Another thought
by: Jamie

I love your design. Especially the metal tape framing.I did something similar using these a while back, but used my scroll saw to cut it into a more natural flowing shape first then edged and backed it with textured polymer clay instead. I still keep my eyes open at home improvement places for more of them to keep supplied. They come in so many colors and treatments. Thank you for sharing this with us.

counter top tiles
by: Irene

Jamie, would love to see a picture of what you did w/the tiles

Another thought
by: Jamie

I would sincerely love to show it to you Irene. But I made it for a gift and I never seem to remember to take a picture until its gone. A bad habit I am trying to correct with minimal success hahaha. I promise to take a picture of the next one and post it.

How Creative!!!
by: Dorothy

This it what I call being creative and thinking outside the box, what a wonderful idea. I really like it

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