Dark Spring Necklace

by Kristine Schroeder.
(Saint Germain, Wisconsin USA)

Dark Spring Necklace

Dark Spring Necklace

After an idea flashed into my head to use a window as a motif, I designed this necklace, called Dark Spring.

I created a window shape from sterling silver and copper wire, then set about embellishing the window Art-Nouveau style with curves, curls, and waves. A copper rose is beginning to bloom up in the corner of the window, while stems and vines search for sunlight. Beads of garnet, amethyst, peridot, and labradorite add bits of color like small buds.

The necklace chain is made of sterling silver wire, with a front hook clasp in the shape of a rose, accented with a tiny garnet bead.

The seemingly never-ending winter here in Northern Wisconsin inspired me to create this necklace conveying the darkness of winter combined with the hope of spring.

Thanks again Rena for this friendly place to show some jewelry, and for your support over the years 🙂

Kristine Schroeder
Wire Sculptress


Kudos on this wonderful piece
by: Lee

I really like this piece. It is just detailed enough without being busy. Perfect use of beads to add that final touch of detail.

Gorgeous Swirls
by: Lynda Carson

Can’t take my eyes off of this piece. I keep finding special details everywhere I look. And thinking this will have the added charm of looking a bit different each time, depending on the color of the top or dress it’s worn with.

Very beautiful!
by: zoraida

This is a very beautiful, unique piece of jewelry. I really like the frame/window idea and the combination of metals. It’s like looking out of a window in anticipation of Spring. Love it.

by: Abigail Robichon

its so different, stunning, well done…

Just fabulous!
by: Cory Tompkins

This is really beautiful and so different from all the jewelry I have seen lately. I love it!!

by: Marci

Beautiful wirework! Extremely creative…

love it
by: pitter77

i love your piece – i too, started with a ‘window’ although mine was PMC & have been playing with how to finish it. this is so much like what was in my head only with a few swarovski crystals in my 3 kids birthstone colors! isn’t it funny all the discussions about copying work vs. inspiration from each other as artists yet I never saw your piece until this moment! I saw it & it made me stop because it was so much like the picture i MY head. Now what do we call that? If i made mine now, should i put ‘inspired by ‘Dark Spring Necklace’ so no one would think I copied your work? I read all these posts about giving credit to others, etc. Yet, I never know when its really necessary. Anyway, beautiful work – fine wirework, lovely!!

by: Darlene

This is just beautiful!!! I am in awe of folks like you who have such vision. Thanks so much for sharing! If you ever provide online instructions for this, I’d be interested!

Love It.
by: Jewels For Hope

How beautiful is this..Nice work!!!

A Sincere Thank-You To Everyone
by: Kristine Schroeder

Thank you everyone who was moved to comment on Dark Spring 🙂

To the one who made something similar in PMC: I think it’s called the tipping point, a mysterious spreading of ideas even across continents. It’s a sort of mind-meld.

Keep creating, everyone!

Such attention to detail
by: Cindy

Kristine: One word….WOW! I have been away from Rena’s website for a while now and just saw your jewelry and I am blown away by the sheer detail of it. That piece lead me to your blog, then your selling site and I really really like your style. When I had the time, I followed another very talented wire artist and your style and technique has inspired me to go back to my wire wrapping days, which I have neglected for a couple of years now. I will put you on my list of favorites to keep me inspired with wire. You are truely gifted.

Tipping Point
by: pitter77

Is that what you call it? I like that! I was really commenting on just the pendant itself, i meant to tell you. I really love your bail & the finishing touches on the chain. I always struggle to learn & perfect making my own findings,bails, ear wires, clasps etc. as much as possible. Do you find that people appreciate it & are willing to pay the extra it adds to the cost? For instance, imagine yours on just a jumpring & a ribbon or cord? Still ‘nice’ but not the lovely ‘piece of artwork’ that you have created!! Just beautiful, thank you for sharing!

Dark Spring Masterpiece
by: Rena

Kristine, thank you so much for your kind words! :o)

Also, the first time I saw this necklace I literally gasped out loud. The wirework is so gorgeously done, and the empty frame is so powerful. Also, the “Dark Spring” name is somehow very perfect for this piece.

I absolutely love it. I’ve studied this photo several times, and each time I’m just awed by the detail and artistry of this necklace.

Thanks so much for sharing it with us here!

I’m Blushing!
by: Kristine Schroeder

I’m grateful and humbled by all of you who took the time to comment 🙂

@Darlene: I just happened to make a slideshow-style video while I was making the pendant part of Dark Spring. It’s not a tutorial per se, but it’s like watching over my shoulder as I work. Here’s the link: http://victoriansteampunkjewelry.com/video/making-of-dark-spring/

Love, Kristine

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