“Charming” Wire Wrapped Bracelets!

by Joanne Stow Boyington.
(Greene, Maine, USA)


Having problems using my hands, wrists and arms, I needed a new way to add a “Special Pizzaz” to my Charm Bracelets, which my customers just adore.



It was too painful to hold my arms up high over my “ChainSta” (chain holder tool), and close all those heavy jump rings I used to put the Charms and dangles on my Charm Bracelets.

So… now, with a wrapped loop here and a coil or two there, I have come up with a different way to make a “Charming Bracelet”!


I sincerely hope that this idea can help inspire others with physical limitations, to design their own styles of Charm Bracelets. And not give up on this wonderful craft of ours.

Joanne Stow Boyington
Jewelry Artisan and Instructor
Jewelry by Joanne

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Lovely work-around!
by: Rena

Joanne, I’m so glad you came up with this great work-around so you can keep making your charming charm bracelets!

Thank you so much for sharing this inspiration to find alternative ways of doing things instead of quitting when the road seems blocked.

I’m sorry to hear about your hand and arm pain – is there any therapy you can do for it?

by: Irene

This bracelet is truly charming. Beautiful beads and charms!!

Never Give Up!
by: Maryanne Murphy

Hi Joanne-

Thanks for posting your lovely bracelet and inspiring way to overcome a difficulty.

I love your ArtFire shop and your wonderful photos..so crisp and clear!!!

Since my vision isn’t what it should be I couldn’t really see what you actually did to attach your charms. Do you use a tool or a method?

Charming wire wrapped bracelet
by: Kate

They are really lovely,
I like the idea of making your own ‘chain’ with the wire wrapped bead and jump rings. It is something to make think about and not rely on made chains.

Thanx for your concern…
by: Joanne Stow Boyington

I already had Carpal Tunnel Syndrom surgery on both wrists, so they will be testing for that again soon. I don’t believe they will operate a second time, though… And just before the Holiday Season Fairs! Ouch! LOL

They are “charming”!!
by: Anonymous

Love your charm bracelets! No 2 are alike, so anyone buying these can tell they are “special”!

Beautiful Bracelets!
by: Michelle B.

I love your beautiful bracelets and am so glad to hear you found a way to keep creating them despite the challenges you faced – way to go!

I hope things feel better and you can continue to make the beautiful jewelry you’re making now!

For Maryann M.
by: Joanne Stow Boyington

I link the wire wraps together with large (9mm) heavy rings and hang the charms from those rings with smaller rings.
If the charm is drilled, I have to use a head pin, to go through it, and then loop it onto the small ring first.
I hope this helps!
Thanx Muchly Guys for the Kudos!

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