Faucet Handle Pin

by Joan Williams.
(Springfield, Missouri USA)


When I came across some old water spigot handles with chippy paint on them I just knew I had to come up with a design idea!



I’ve been saving a handful of millefiori beads that a friend brought back from Italy, and I found that they fit in the handle spaces just right. I used small diameter(1mm)leather cord to hold the beads in place by wrapping it around each bar between the “petals” of the handle, then tied it tightly and snipped the ends. To finish I glued a pinback to the middle section that protrudes from the back of the handle.

The pin is just the right size to pin onto a hat or a jean jacket!

Joan Williams
Lilruby – jewelry design and more at Etsy


by: zoraida

What a unique, amazing, cute and fun idea. Love it.

Faucet handles
by: Kate

What a neat idea and so innovative. It looks great on denim.

That pinback is new to me!
by: Luann Udell

Very cute idea, and nice use of those chevron beads.

That pinback style is new to me, and would work so well with some projects I’m working on. Would you mind sharing your source?


Funky and fun!
by: Sally V

Love this! Very creative and looks perfect on the denim jacket.

love it!!
by: paula

i am absolutely in love with this design! great job


How clever!
by: Judith

What a wonderful imagination you have! At first glance it looks like a flower. I can just imagine the surprise and delight when people find out what it’s made of. Great work!

Who’d have thought!
by: Lynda

Love it! And love seeing the way jewelry artists’ minds work. Your brooch would be so much fun to wear.

re: comments
by: Joan

Thanks to all of you for your comments!
What started out as an exercise to stretch my creativity has turned into an obsession! 🙂

Luann, I don’t remember where I got my pinbacks but I just did a search on Etsy for “pinback” and several choices came up on the first page. Hope that helps!

by: Kristina

That is freaking adorable! I love pins and this is a great idea.

Too Cute!
by: Pam

This is so cute and totally unique! Just a perfect example of what can happen when we look at everything around us as a potential component for a fabulous new piece! I think this right at the heart of “handmade”! Your piece is so perfect with denim!


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