Four Necklaces

by Kathleen Davis.
(Fiddletown, California USA)

Honey Bunch Necklace

Honey Bunch Necklace

Picture 1 – Honey Bunch Necklace:

This honey colored necklace is a combination of glass pearls, honey colored glass beads, some larger seed beads in between and a brass flower pendant.

Chunky Elegance Necklace

Chunky Elegance Necklace

Picture 2 – Chunky Elegance Necklace:

The second necklace is called Chunky Elegance. It is made from black onyx chunky beads, Swarovski crystals, pearls and a silver chain.

Golden Queen Necklace

Golden Queen Necklace

Picture 3 – Golden Queen Necklace:

The third necklace is called Golden Queen. This was made from an old bracelet I had that was broken.

I put several of the pieces together to make a pendant and used antique chain to give it the retro look. I like it better as a necklace than as a bracelet.

Picture 4 – Exotic Night Necklace:

Exotic Night Necklace

Exotic Night Necklace

The fourth necklace is called Exotic Night. I only had one of these black earring findings, so thought it would make a nice pendant.

I used gold and black beads, and the oblong glass black beads on the outside have a touch of dark green on the edges.

I used silk black cording for the necklace itself, cord endings and a lobster clasp.

All of my jewelry can be seen on my website.

Kathleen Davis


Fab Four
by: Rena

What a groovy collection of necklaces, Kathleen! You have a talented eye for combining style, drama, and a touch of retro.

Also, neat idea to submit all four of these necklaces together so we can see them side-by-side.

Although I love them all, my favorite of these is Exotic Night – a simply splendid focal pendant on a plain, elegant silk cord.

And the one that impresses me the most is your wonderful bracelet makeover that resulted in the Golden Queen necklace. The antiqued chain was the perfect touch for this interestingly repurposed focal.

All in all, four fabulous designs. Thanks so much for sharing them here!

Great to see
by: Anonymous

I think you have an edited use of color and texture that is refined and elegant. Best to you and your works in 2011.

Thank you for that compliment
by: Kathleen Davis

Your compliment is one of the most interesting and nicest things anyone has ever said about my jewelry. I appreciate that very much.

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