by Lynda.
(Spring Valley, California USA)



So I probably went a little off-roading with this odds and ends challenged by raiding the junk drawer in the kitchen…added a few leftover bits of leather, wire, and chain. I even found an old smashed penny from my family’s 1962 Seattle’s World’s Fair trip when I was a kid.

Copy (2) of unhinged-21604119

The brass clasp for the necklace was a coffee bag clip from Lion’s Coffee Company. I named it Unhinged (may be a reference to my state of mind when I went foraging for inspiration).

Thanks for the fun, Rena!

Lynda Carson
Fresh Baked Designs


by: Leigh

This may be a little off road but it works. How fun that you came up with this.

by: Pauline

Brilliant, and an excellent title!

Unhinged and balanced
by: Jennifer

Even though the materials you used were not from the same family, you certainly found a way to make them balanced. This is brilliant. What’s even better is that you found a use for your World Fair souvenir. I buy those everywhere we go and then don’t really have anything to do with them but my fugality makes me do it because it’s such an inexpensive souvenir.

This piece created from found objects just makes me smile.



Very nice!
by: Michelle B.

I too think these things all fit nicely together. Your design talent is what made them work. Very nice indeed!

Unhinged Wonder!
by: Wylene

Your piece is TERRIFIC!!!! And it totally won my heart with the Seattle Worlds Fair penny- my parents moved to Seattle in 1962 during the fair hubbub, and now I’m a native! I am SO going OFF ROADING to see if I can create something half this fun!

Space Needle!
by: Lynda

I was so excited to find this Space Needle penny in the drawer. I still remember waiting in line forever to ride up this monster tower. And riding the monorail downtown. Road it again just a few years ago when we were visiting, this time to see the amazing EMP museum.


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