More Jewelry Made with Staples

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, California USA)

Here are some more packing box staples in a totally different design. (See my earlier necklace, Fun, Funky, and a Bit Rustic, made with staples.)

The staples in the necklace above are from the second group supplied by my friend.

Like many of my more unusual pieces, this started out as an experiment.

In the first one the staples were straight so this time I decided they needed a twist or a bend. When I finally had a shape I liked I made the rest more or less the same.

As so often happens with my experiments when I finished with the staples I had no idea how I wanted to use them. So there they were on the back of the work table just waiting.

I wanted to use recycled glass beads or something else that was recycled but nothing came to mind. So I started looking at my bead stash and came across these great glass beads. Problem solved.

One of my neighbors saw the necklace and decided she had to have it but she wanted earrings, too. Since I had two staples left that was easily accomplished.

My neighbor is very happy with her unique necklace and earrings. This set is definitely one of a kind.

Nancy Vaughan


Love This!
by: Diane

Nancy –

I love the originality of your piece! And the colors of the glass beads work so well with the metal staples! Wow! I love this! Kudos!


Staple loveliness
by: Rena

Nancy, I was so impressed with the originality, style and cleverness of your first “staples” piece – and I think this jewelry set actually tops it!

I agree with Diane – the bead and staple colors together are awesome. I also love the stylish, geometric earrings and necklace bib. They give me the feeling of both futuristic and ancient styles.

I’m sure your neighbor gets loads of comments and compliments on her unique jewelry set. Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic recycling project and how it evolved!

Unique and Fun
by: Lynda Carson

Love your use of unique materials and the fun, funky outcome.
Taking a chance, that first step, is often the hardest. But look what was created! Your neighbor is a lucky lady.

Looking For More Staples
by: Nancy

Thanks for the nice compliments everyone. I enjoy experimenting with new materials. The staple creations have been quite a hit so all of my friends and acquaintances are supplying me with more when ever they find them. Guess you could classify this as a niche market.

There’s a book in here!
by: Susie

How many of these staples have I thrown away, aaaak?

Since this is such a niche, there’s a book waiting to happen, don’t you think? No one has done this in all the jewelry making books out there, this is so cool!

I’ll be first in line when you publish…..


by: Anonymous

Nice color combination.

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