Glitter Storm: A Custom Creation

by Jody Lanham.
(Wooster, Ohio, USA)

This is my first post/submission to JMJ, I hope I’m doing it right! Anyway, I had a request for a custom piece from a lady who wanted a birthday gift for her sister.

Irene's Restitution Full View

Irene’s Restitution Full View

She had seen and admired a piece at a show recently, but decided to think about it. When she did decide to return for it, unfortunately for her, someone else had purchased it.

JLanham: Glitter Storm: A Custom Creation 2

The original piece is pictured first and the custom “copy” follows. Both creations consist of a wire base connecting scrap pieces of leather cut in organic shapes, with recycled leather strips, stone and glass beads, and vintage lace scraps.

JLanham: Glitter Storm: A Custom Creation 3

To get the “glitter” effect and the iridescence, I use nail polish!

You be the judge, but I think the “copy” (I never completely duplicate any piece, except when creating earrings and even that is sometimes tricky for me!) is even cooler than the original.

Jody Lanham
Re-Designs by Jody at Etsy

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