Fashion Magazine Page for Fashion Accessories

by kakalina’s.

Black & white fashion magazine page as envelope packaging for fashion jewelry / accessories

This is a last minute extracted creative juice. I was browsing thru endless ideas on how to package my jewelry better.

I’m specializing in fashion / costume jewelry / accessories so I wanted to create a cohesive theme with my merchandise.

I already have shopping bags reserved for $30 up purchase, but nothing yet for $10 under.

I don’t want to spend more, so I decided to use my old issues of fashion magazines to create my jewelry packaging.

I used the magazines that have black & white, portrait type pages (none of the big, bold advertisement), to make the envelope-type packaging.

The black & white packaging turned out to be unique & chic.

Now my $10 under merchandise looked just the way they are – fashionable.

Kakalina’s Accessories


by: Angel

I really admire your very unique way of maximizing your resources. It is a very good example of recycling for your packaging/presentation of creations. Truly fashionista in every sense of the word! See your name soon in fashion magazines. LUV IT!!!!

Great Idea
by: JeaneMargherite

This is a fantastic idea, I would love to know HOW you make the envelopes!! If you could post the instructions or template that would be most helpful!

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