What’s the Best Way to Package Sterling Silver Jewellery?

What's the Best to Package Sterling Silver Jewellery?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journalby Helen.

I want to ensure the sterling silver jewellery I make arrives with buyers looking as lovely & untarnished as when it left me.

Do you think wrapping the jewellery carefully in acid free tissue paper and placing it in a gift box together with an anti-tarnish tab would be sufficient?

Some pieces are small enough to also place into a plastic grip bag once wrapped in acid free tissue paper as additional protection from the elements, but this really does spoil the initial look when opening the gift box .

Neatly wrapped tissue paper alone is so much nicer.

My concern is that it might not be sufficient though.

Your experiences and knowledge would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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  • daisy says:

    Hello Helen
    I would think that an anti tarnish tab (or part of one if it’s a small piece) would be fine for the length of time it will take to reach the customer, and beyond. Your shouldn’t then need the plastic bag.

  • Plastic ziplock bag. I know they look awful, but they really work. Someone brought a sterling silver and pearl bracelet back to repair a year later where one of the Bali headpins had broken holding a pearl had broken off. Her bracelet looked brand new, even though she told me she wore it all the time she always put it in the ziplock bag I gave her.

    When I sell at a show or market I put silver or copper items in ziplock bags first and then in a colourful gauze gift bag and tell them verbally to always store their jewellery in the ziplock bag.

    You can buy anti-tarnish ziplock bags at jewellery suppliers online, as well. I never found the strips worked very well or for very long.

    For presentation purposes, wrap as you do, but include the ziplock bag in the box and write on a card to always store their jewellery in the bag when they’re not wearing it.


  • You’re right about the unboxing experience, it truly matters. Your silver won’t tarnish in the amount of time it takes to arrive to your recipient. Most jewelry gift boxes come with anti tarnish cotton pads, which is what I use…tied with a piece of twine as it works with my branding but you could use ribbon. The reason I use the box is because of the extra layer of protection and like I said earlier, the unboxing for the customer. They are very inexpensive and you can get them in any color to match your branding. Another thing I do with silver and copper is include a little polishing cloth, 2″x2″ size.

  • You have receive some very good suggestions here, I would only add a small note how important it is to store the silver pieces properly. Customers appreciate the advice on how to store and care for their purchases.

  • Diana M Pucci says:

    I don’t remember where I got mine, but you can buy a large roll of tissue paper that is tarnish resistant. It is off white, though now maybe it comes in colors. You can use that to wrap around the piece and use a colorful tissue over that. The idea of a 2″x2″ polishing rag is great, I have done that for friends. As mentioned baggies work great, but look ugh, could put a sticker with your branding on it. Most Jewelry sites sell the professional jewelers baggies, they look better than the kitchen ones and they come in sizes of 1″x1″and up. I just googled anti tarnish or tarnish resistant tissue and saw that Amazon has a black double napped anti tarnish cloth(not tissue) for $12.49 a yard, Rio Grande has a large roll of non-tarnish Jewelers Tissue for $13.21, Fire Mountain Gems has non-tarnish tissue as well. Go to all your favorite Jewelry parts sites, Rio Grande, Amazon and so on, search for it. Compare price vs how much sq footage you get, for each product. I saw a big variety of pricing and a few looked over priced in my mind. My roll looks like the Rio Grande roll, I may have gotten it at Myron Tobacks in Manhattan, NY. I keep the roll in it’s original box. Good luck finding the right mix for you.

  • Debra Lowe says:

    I buy a silver cleaning cloth, then cut it into usable squares and wrap the jewelry in the cloth, then box it as usual. The cloth can be used for a quick polish, I include a note that explains the wrapping and how to use it.

  • Debra Lowe says:

    Great advice, I didn’t even know they made anti tarnish zip loc bags, thanks for the tip~

  • The anti-tarnish tab is nice because they will last a bit and not get tossed whereas tissue (no matter how nice) is delicate, tears easily, and ends up in the trash quickly.

    Or you could switch to Argentium. It takes a LOT longer to tarnish.

  • Sterling doesn’t tarnish that fast! In fact I have pieces that have been sitting in plastic storage boxes for months that look fine to ship, or only need a few seconds of touch-up. My advice is to mail in the prettiest packaging possible (I use either a pretty box with a cotton insert and raffia ribbon, or a fabric bag and fancy tissue.) You don’t “need” the anti-tarnish tabs (I don’t use them) but now that you bring it up, I’m thinking that including that little touch tells the customer you care, so I may consider doing this (or a sunshine cloth with higher-end items) in the future.

  • Linda says:

    I just saw this product. Silver Glory Anti-Tarnish Solution-supposed to keep silver shiny. Pieces need to be cleaned of any oils. It is a protectant not a cleaner.

  • Annie Laughton says:

    I often ship internationally and try to keep postage down. Hate it when I have to pay a lot of postage on something that comes in a box that would have fitted in a large letter or even a large letter box (ships cheaper – 16mm box)… I am talking about three times the postage for a cheap box – not worth it in my opinion. My large letter boxes give lots of protection, people get to ‘unbox’ and they ship for $2 across my country and $3.20 if I ship to the US. That is Aussie dollars so even cheaper in USD!

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