Source for Custom Jewelry Presentation Boxes?

by Vikke.

Source for Custom Jewelry Presentation Boxes?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I am looking to make a custom jewelry presentation box, made in USA.

Can anyone suggest some companies that make the packaging?

Thank you.


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  • Hi Vikke, You could buy beautiful papers and fold these easy origami boxes:
    Make your own beautiful boxes.

  • Susan says:

    If you would be happy with plain boxes, take a look a Uline. I found their undyed boxes very organic looking. But you’d have to need quantity.

  • Mary Anne says:

    You might search in Etsy for custom boxes. Many folks have die cutting machines etc (Crikut, or the older Sizzix) and the programs or tools to create professional looking small boxes. Accucut is a brand of dies which a huge assortment of dies for cutting out boxes and packaging.

  • Jane Jennings says:

    I have used cigar boxes, and covered them with nice paper. They are made of lightweight wood, so they are sturdy. I got them for about a dollar each at a cigar store.

  • Berta says:

    Looks doable! I am always looking for little boxes so will be giving this a try! Thanks.

  • Denise says:

    I like the idea of reusing materials and making your own but if that’s not feasible, Rio Grand out of New Mexico is always a good choice.

  • Dorothy says:

    If you are needing small gift boxes, another way to make them is with greeting cards or note cards. This page has a whole list of different shaped boxes you can make from a greeting card.

    And this page has a lot of different little gift bags you can make from the envelopes that come with the greeting cards (above).

  • JW says:

    I buy craft boxes on Etsy in bulk then doll them up – stamp prints, print out old time photos then glue them to lids, other kinds of embellishments. Cheap and fun.

  • I have a Sizzix machine and make my own boxes. I’ve found that the pillow box die is great for bracelets, the matchbox die is perfect for earrings and a square cupcake box works for bigger pieces. These 3 dies have paid for themselves based on the quantity I have made over the years. I also like to use paper based on holidays or seasons.

  • Barb says:

    Where did you get the Sizzix die for pillow boxes? Can you give me the ID number? Thanks for the info!

  • Katie VanPatten says:

    Your local County school district headquarters usually will have an large industrial version of a sizzix or cricket machine. These are very capable and able to produce/cut large numbers at a time. If you have a large school within your area they may even have one of their own. I contacted mine a few years ago when I got married and someone showed me which patterns I could pick from and helped me use the machine. They had many boxes types to choose from, many with special closures (I chose one with two hearts that intertwined at the top). It cut 100 heavy paperboard boxes for my wedding favors at one shot. They considered it a public service (we all pay school taxes) but I made a donation as a gesture of thanks.

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