Handmade Wooden Display Trays

by Jenny H.

Cut the bottom for the tray, then measure and cut the long sides. When cutting the short sides, be sure to subtract the width of the other 2 long sides (about 1/2)

Put the sides together and double-check before gluing. Because you are cutting by hand, the edges won’t be perfect! Put glue on the edge of the long side and on the edge of the box base. Smear both glue surfaces with your finger, then press together. Do the same for the remaining edges. Carefully put a larger piece of wood over the box top to hold glued sides secure. Set small heavy objects on each corner (like rocks!) to weigh down. Let sit overnight.

Here are the finished boxes that are painted and stained. I used some for earrings, necklaces with removable inserts and bracelets on a holder fashioned from unused paint roller pads wrapped with fabric.

I like the idea of using jewelry trays as both a storage and display box (as shown in Rena’s jewelry display tips.) I made my own trays with cheap and easy to find materials. One catch: it takes a lot of time to make these, so if you enjoy DIY projects then this one is for you! More detailed steps available at https://www.facebook.com/CuriousCrowJewelry.

The end result: I was very pleased with my handiwork, considering the only power tool I used was a drill to make hanging rods for my earring trays. I knew it wasn’t going to look perfect, so when I painted it, I sanded off some of the paint for a worn & weathered look. The walnut stained boxes also looked very nice, and the imperfections just added to the character!

Materials for FOUR 14 3/4″ x 8 3/8″ x 1″ jewelry tray:

FOUR 1/4″ thick 1x2s, comes in 48″ lengths (poplar is cheapest)
ONE sheet hardboard (the stuff book case backings are made of)
Elmer’s wood glue 150 and 220 grit sandpaper, or just 220

Jenny H


An Easier Way
by: Renee


Thanks, Renee
by: Jenny H

I would have ordered these boxes online, but shipping to Hawaii is really expensive, that’s why I decided to make them myself! 😀

Great idea
by: Sarah

This is a lovely idea to display your jewellery, but I do think as I have neither the patience or expertise to make my own trays, the ones from Nile corp are fantastic value.

Unfortunately they only ship to the USA, and as I am in th UK I can’t order! And they are only $1.30 at the moment as well!

Never mind, looks like I’ll have to trawl Ikea and see if they have something similar 😀


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