The Beautiful Garden Boutique – Goes Shabby Chic

by Trisha Fay.
(Chandler, Arizona)

BGBJewelry Shabby Chic Table

For my first 3 years of doing shows and party table set ups, I stuck to the simple black velvet display pieces and I would change the table cloth colors for the different events. I would always have a bouquet of flowers for my center piece.

Well, I decided this past year to change it up – make it the boutique I would love to open but can’t right now. Give the customer the feel they are buying an item from the actual brick and mortar store.

So, at the end of summer season clearance sales I picked up some great pieces and table cloth to use for my new table display. I had to think out of the box for items that would work for displaying jewelry.

I want the customer to feel like they are at home in their own shabby chic bedroom and looking at their jewelry.

I’ve even changed out my gift boxes and price tags to carry the look.

It has really paid off. I get compliments left and right when I am at a show. Through the comments I know the customers are getting the vibe I am trying to give off.

Take a look at the photos- I would love to get your feedback.

I am still working on changing out my website to carry over the same feeling. It’s all in the matter of time!

I hope you will enjoy!

Thank you,

Trisha Fay


Lovely Shabby-Chic Booth
by: Rena

Trisha, your display is gorgeous – you have a great touch with pulling together diverse things and using unexpected items as displays.

I like your intention for your customers to feel like they’re at home in their own shabby-chic room looking through their own jewelry.

Wonderful job! I’m sure your booth draws customers like bees to honey now.

Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Very Creative
by: Jewelry Lady!!

I think what you’ve done is great! I just started selling jewelry in homes myself and was just wanting different ideas for my table. I also have the traditional black velvet table cloth with the black trays that I use for displaying my jewelry. You have done a wonderful job. Thank you for allowing me to view your website. I think i might have some ideas churning.

– Jewelry Lady

by: Carol L

Hi there,

While the shabby chic look is a bit busy, it just makes it more enticing to me. I’d be happy to peruse your booth for a very long time!

Your web site is lovely as is, but I’ll be back to check out your re-do. Your creations are simply gorgeous…feminine and ethereal!

Inspiring table display
by: Salithia Wrennenet

Thank you for the inspiration of going ‘outside-the box’ for table displaying. I am a jewelry artist also, and I do the same black velvet tablecloth/displays all the time. I use a center piece of crystals that always draws people to my table, but it’s still not enough to me. I really want my table to jump out there and have that ‘wow’ factor. So this year I am going to think of some really unique ways to display my table with colors, texture, and unusual displays. Your display looks really nice. I would shop at your booth! Keep up the good work.

Love It!
by: Anonymous

I just love your display! Can you tell me where you found the tablecloth and jewelry mannequin?


Love It!
by: Anonymous

I just love your display! Can you tell me where you found the tablecloth and jewelry mannequin?


Excellent display!
by: Janis


I love your use of fabric in your displays. Its very similiar to my home party boutique setup. I love to create an atmosphere of abundance. My display tips were also featured on Rena’s website. I’m going to check out your website next. I’m sure it’s wonderful.

Janis Robinson

by: Katie

I’m curious – you say you get compliments, but how are the sales? Are they better, worse, the same?

I know lots of compliments are nice, but it’s better if they also bring in lots of $$$$, too.

Since I’m always thinking about what would make my booth more attractive while increasing sales, I would like to know how changing your design has impacted your bottom line.


Just a few answers to some of the comments
by: Trisha Fay

The whole display idea came along while I was trying to attract people to my table. I had decided at the end of the summer that I really wanted my display to stand out- hence stand out- attract more attention+more people coming by to check out what it is I’m selling= more $$$
So, Yes sales have been better at craft shows, at home parties I can’t say that it has been any different, because at the home show they know they are coming to shop for jewelry. But, again I do get a lot of great comments on how I display my jewelry.

I felt the display I had was ‘dry’ and ‘boring’- my display now catches peoples attention- instead of them just passing by because they figure I’m just another jewelry at a craft show. Let’s face it, there are a lot of us out there. And well, as we all know we are different, but to the general public or someone who is setting up a show, we can be ‘another jewelry vendor’. I hate it when I am interested in a show and they say jewelry is always the first to fill up. OK- I will stop now. I am rambling on and on. That’s a topic I could go on and on about.

I did want to answer a few other comments/questions- I went to a store in Chandler, Arizona called ‘Home Goods’ to buy all my display pieces. It was the end of the summer so everything was 50-75% off. My suggestion to someone who is looking to change things up a bit is have a color scheme or theme in mind before you start shopping, and think outside the box for your display pieces.

My tags I do myself, on our home printer. I then found two punches at a scrapbook store, prior to the punches I would cut out squares. One of the reasons I do them myself is these are probable the 6th style I have had in the past 4 years. I don’t want to pay someone a ton of money and then be stuck with them when I am ready for something else.

I love all the comments. Thank you for reading and taking the time to make comments.
Trisha Fay
The Beautiful Garden Boutique

Awesome Display
by: Wakeeta-Dangles of Atlanta

Your display is awesome and I am also looking for a unique way to display my jewelry, that also speaks to my style (very rustic). However, my question is how long does it take for your set up. So often, I’m the first to arrive and the last one to leave. I’m taking down, packing up and wrapping up jewelry, it drives me nuts.

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