Communicating What I do Through A Sign

by Lady Mockingbird.
(Upstate, New York)

Wire form on outdoor sign

The sign hanging next to the parking stalls

I have found over the years that people tend to misunderstand what I mean when I say that I make Jewelry. Some jump to the conclusion that I’m a beader. Others start showing me their diamond engagement rings and asking me to make a wedding band to match, while others still assume I’m making jewelry ephemera (things that are fun, cheap, and not intended to last.)

Detail of the wire work on the sign

Detail of the wire work on the sign

When I say that I am a Wire Artisan, or a Wire Sculptor I usually get either a blank stare, or the faux knowing look people give when they want to seem knowledgeable but aren’t.

Over time I learned to simply show them what I do. My business cards have photos of my work, for example. But then I decided to open a studio/showroom and I came upon the conundrum yet again. How could I make my exterior signs show some of my wire working skills.

Detail of the wire work on the sign

Detail of the wire work on the sign

To do that I came up with a special shop logo sign. It is smaller than my street side sign and is located next to the parking stalls. The base of the sign is a neatly cut and shaped piece of wood done up for me, thankfully, by a friend. It is painted with exterior black enamel, for durability. But then I added my own art. I crafted the logo entirely out of copper wire and copper tubing. Then I used antique copper nails to affix my work to the sign.

Standing next to the streetside exterior sign.

Standing next to the streetside exterior sign.

Since I put it up two days ago, I see people stopping to examine my little “Mockingbird Lane This Way” direction indicator. By the time the get into my shop, they have a much better idea of what to expect there. Hand crafted, quality fine jewelry made using all sorts of wire.

Lady Mockingbird
Mockingbird Lane Wire on ETSY

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