Art Nouveau Wire Pendant Tutorial (Video)

by Rena Klingenberg.

This Art Nouveau Wire Pendant project is a free sample of some of what we do in my wire jewelry video class, Design and Make Artistic Jewelry Components.


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By the end of this online video class, you’ll be designing and making your own artistic earwires, clasps, connectors, and pendant bails.

You’ll also learn my tips for making wire jewelry more easily, with more professional looking results.


Art Nouveau Wire Pendant Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Art Nouveau Wire Pendant Tutorial (Video) by Rena Klingenberg

Art Nouveau Wire Pendant Tutorial (Video) by Rena Klingenberg

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  • Vicki Allen says:

    Hi Rena,

    Can’t tell you how excited I am about your Wire Jewelry class! I’ve been searching for classes in my area that concentrated on wire jewelry making, but it’s been difficult to find. You state that interested people should “sign up for the class”. I didn’t notice anyway to do so. I am already subscribed to your newsletter, but want to make sure I sign up for your wire jewelry class video’s. Thanks. Vicki

  • Judith says:

    Tried the pendant.looks great.measurements for wire should read 6.5mm etc

  • Jean Foggo Simon says:

    Rena – How do we sign up for your upcoming classes? Please also advise cost as we are anxious to begin. Thanks so much.

  • Thanks so much for your interest in my wire class! 🙂 It opens on Tuesday, June 18 – and I’ll announce it in the newsletter that comes out that day. The price has yet to be finalized, but we will definitely have that info when the class opens. I’m anxious for the class to begin too! 🙂

  • Your tutorial was great! It taught me a lot and I intend to sign up for your class on June 18. Sherry

  • Thanks Sherry! I’m thrilled to hear how much you enjoyed this tutorial! And by the time you finish the class, you’ll be making components like this Art Nouveau Pendant – but from your own unique new designs. 🙂

  • Lynda says:

    Rena, this is such a pretty deco design. Your wire work looks so effortless. It just flows!

  • Pam says:

    Love this – can’t wait to try it! So simple to do, yet beautiful! I think to make matching earrings, we could just cut the dimensions in half for a smaller version. Thanks Rena!

  • Kim says:

    Hi. Tried it in black aluminum to practice as an earring set and made a larger size for a pendant. Got lots of compliments. Gonna try a larger gauge copper wire next just to see how it looks. Thanks!!!

  • Kate says:

    I’ve only just received this newsletter, August 12th. I presume your classes have started and i await your newsletter with intructions of how to join. I love the pendant and tutorial. cheers Kate.

  • Hi Kate! Thanks so much for your interest in my Design and Make Artistic Jewelry Components class! It’s a video class you can start at any time. I’ve sent you an email with more details – and you can also see the details here: .

    And thanks to all for your lovely feedback on this Art Nouveau pendant project! 🙂

  • Maritza Diaz says:

    I did your pendant and added some different size pearls. It is BEAUTIFUL.!!!!!

  • What a great idea to add pearls! Thanks so much for sharing this design variation, Maritza. I bet it’s lovely. I’d love to see it, if you’d like to share it in our gallery here at JMJ!

  • ugo says:

    Oh wow! Rena,you do ROCK. I can’t help the addiction to your site. Even when am at work,I still find a way to sneak in my tools and practise one or two tutorials everyday. Thanks for making wireworks fun.

  • Tula says:

    Thank you Rena for your pretty desines! They are all fantastick !

  • Em says:

    I made this pendant this evening. It’s not as precise as yours but it turned out pretty well. I can’t wait to wear it.Your tutorials are amazing and so easy to follow. Thank you.

  • Ivette says:

    Thank you Rena!!!!

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