Trouble Finding Customers for My Jewelry

by Sue.

Trouble Finding Customers for My Jewelry  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I offer sterling silver and gemstone jewelry.

This seems to be overshadowed by the “Make Your Own” and all types of other jewelry that isn’t silver.

I can’t understand why this is happening when these types are sometimes being priced higher than the jewelry I sell. It’s discouraging.

Can you help me to understand this?

Also, other than the aforementioned problem, I am having a problem selling, in general.

Where does this type of jewelry sell the best?

When I email or call to try and get into craft sales, I find the first thing they say is, “We already have a lot of ladies selling jewelry.”

I had one lady say to me that “My type of jewelry just isn’t popular any more.”

I don’t think that. It’s more traditional, and will never go out of style. I realize that some of these problems you’ll probably be able to help me with, others not.

Thank you.

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