Wire Wrap Copper Angel – Part 1, The Prototype

by Merrie Daune Price-Hannah.
(My home studio in Moody, TX)

Wire Wrap Copper Angel Part 1 - The Prototype by Merrie Daune Price-Hannah  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Wire Wrap Copper Angel Prototype

This project started out as my entry into the Nicole Hanna “Finish It Challenge” back in April of 2019.

The timeline was getting close and I just decided to set it aside.

So five months later I came across the project set aside and really wanted to complete the process.

Now that the pressure was off to try to come up with a winning idea I just let the creative juices flow.

I used 20 gauge wire for the base and 28 gauge for the weaving wire.

The head and feet were made with 14 gauge wire. I have always created in my head and just gone with the flow of the wire.

So my next challenge is to recreate this prototype with a cleaner finish which is a little easier now that I know where I want to finish up. Hope you all enjoy my initial design and I look forward to taking this to the next step.

Thank you.

Merrie Daune Price-Hannah
Work Of Art Studios

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