Wire Wrap Copper Angel Prototype Part 2

by Merrie Daune Price-Hannah.
(Moody, TX USA)

Wire Wrap Copper Angel Prototype Part 2, by Merrie Daune Price-Hannah  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I set out to recreate my copper angel and take pictures as I went along so that I could work toward creating a tutorial. My first angel is on the left and the newest is on the right. I was really excited about the positive feedback from my original design, but I wanted to try to tweak a few items. The first change I included was securing the free form curls in the wings.

I anchored each in at least one spot to the base wires in the wing. Then I changed the appearance of the feet and finally I worked on the bodice under her hands to be more uniform. This has been a really fun project and I will just keep going with it and see where she ends up. Happy weaving to all!
Thank you.

Merrie Daune Price-Hannah
Work Of Art Studios

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