Silver Plated Spoon Handle Necklace with a Big Heart

by Vicky Greene.
(Nodaway, Indiana USA)

Silver Plated Spoon Handle Necklace with Repurposed Heart

Silver Plated Spoon Handle Necklace with Repurposed Heart

I love repurposing silverware into beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. My mom and I have found silverware or jewelry pieces through various antique shops, thrift shops, garage sales, department stores and friends.

I brought my first silverware piece at a flea market to make a bracelet like I had seen at trade shows.

Someone loved the bracelet I made and wanted one for themselves. That started my adventure in silverware creations.

I manipulated two spoon handles to make the sides of a necklace to join with a swirling heart pendant which was converted from a scarf holder.

Silver plated chain was connected to the handles to finish the necklace with an elegant look.

I have sold this necklace, but I am making similar creations with different details.

Vicky Greene
VictoriaRoseWare at Etsy


Lovin’ Spoonful
by: Rena

This is one of the most striking pieces of silverware jewelry I’ve ever seen. These spoon handles are wonderful with the former scarf-holder heart!

An awesome repurposing project – thank you for sharing it with us!

Totally Happy Right Now!
by: Vicky Greene

Thank you, Rena. I am so excited about having my necklace on your website. I had to run and tell my partner the good news. It is cool to show a different way to repurpose silverware. There are so many things I can do and make it look elegant.
Thank you again. 🙂
If they want to see other silverware creations, check out

by: Kaitlin Brown

This necklace (and just the idea alone!) is absolutely wonderful. It’s unique and gorgeous, and I envy your talent.

Thank you
by: Vicky

Thank you, Kaitlin. I love working with silverware, trying to use every piece of it I can. I will show new discoveries soon.

by: Kristina

Normally I’m not one for large pieces, but this is really cool looking! I never though of using silverware.

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  1. Nancy Vaughan says:

    What a clever way to re-purpose silver ware. Love, love love what you have done with the spoon handles! Hunting for and finding pieces you can use must make the whole process a grand adventure!

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