Plated Chains vs Filled and Precious Metals

by Nicole.

Brand New Etsy Shop - How to Make SalesJust wondering people’s thoughts on chains for pendants necklaces etc.

I have originally been using the common gold/ silver plated chains but I know myself that they tarnish easily and a gorgeous piece can end up looking very cheap.

I’ve been looking into investing in the real chains but as I’m starting out, it a big investment then I’m not sure how to price the piece. Do ppl I usually use and sell with plated chains or would it be better to increase prices to use the real thing

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  1. switch to stainless steel….. I did! I love it and so do my customers!!!!!

  2. Hi Nicole, Lisa has a great idea for stainless steel chains. And if you still want to try more expensive metal chains, you might want to start out with just a few of them at first and test how your customers feel about them. You may also want to try leather, suede, or rubber cord necklaces as a non-tarnishing alternative. And you may want to offer the pendants separately from the chains, since many people already have chains they like and wear with other pendants.

    Also, see this discussion here at JMJ: Dangling Dilemma – Chain, Cord, or Other – there are loads of great insights in the comments below the main post there.

  3. Nicole, sterling silver also tarnishes. So, don’t think that switching from plated silver to sterling that you’ve avoided the problem of tarnish. This is my history of searching for a better solution of least tarnish but which comes with increasing cost: sterling silver-> sterling with an anti-tarnish finish -> Argentium silver. They all tarnish but it takes longer for Argentium to tarnish.

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