Odd Shaped Beads

by Margie Shatto.
(United States)

Odd Shaped Beads by Margie Shatto  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Blood Stone Jasper set

This necklace took a long time to figure.

Love the stone, (Blood stone Jasper) it is double drilled.

The process of using an odd shaped stone or d-drilled can’t be rushed.

While it turned out great, it was an 18 month, sit in the box situation; until I drew out several ways to show it off in a design.

The other stones in the piece are Apple Jasper and Black Onyx.

I love to use odd shaped stones, it’s a challenge, and natural ones, always!

Margie Shatto
The Wires Edge

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  • Rena Klingenberg says:

    I think unusual shaped beads are more fun to wear and design with because of their uniqueness. You did a great job creating the design for these, Margie. And the small beads really bring out the colors in the large one. It was worth the 18 months of holding the beads, waiting for the right inspiration!

  • Martha Walker says:

    Margie, your patience and thoughtfulness are apparent in these pleasingly fresh designer creations!

  • Amy says:

    I have that same bead and a few other double drilled in different stones leftover from making bracelets. Thought they would go to waste. Now my creative juices are running. Thank you.

  • Denise O says:

    Truly unique! What a great “solution” for sometimes challenging but always interesting stones…you “rock”! 🙂 (sorry, couldn’t resist…)

  • Margie Shatto says:

    Thanks Rena, glad to share. Hope artists keep adding to the mix.

  • Margie Shatto says:

    Thank you Martha, sometimes you can’t see it for awhile.

  • Margie Shatto says:

    Thanks Amy, a thousand ideas, 1 is waiting, right!

  • Margie Shatto says:

    Thank you Denise O, always looking for inspiration, never know where it will show up.

  • Really well designed. Worth the wait!

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