Questions About Finishing Beaded Necklaces & Adding Clasps

by Barbara Solomon.

Questions About Finishing Beaded Necklaces & Adding Clasps  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

In the past, I’ve had difficulty getting crimps to work. I finally solved that problem by using Omtara crimpers. I’m still working on the crimp covers, but Xuron 450 Tweezer Nose Pliers, seems to be helping.

Now, I have some questions, because when I search, I get different answers!

  1. I use Wire Guardians to cover the loop. I have read that if you use an open jump ring to connect the clasp, the “opening” in the jump ring will always end up over the beading wire loop, and the clasp will come off. Assuming that the jump ring was sawed and a Wire Guardian was used, can this still happen? Or how do you handle attaching the clasp?
  2. Do you add a small bead between the crimps and the loop (Wire Guardian)?
  3. Do you clip the beading wire, next to the crimp, or do you string it through 1 or 2 beads, before clipping?

Working with wire and gemstones, is so much easier.

I have too many beads, and now I have to use them!

Thanks for any suggestions!

Barbara Solomon

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