Learning to Solder

by Dalena Watson.

Learning to Solder by Dalena Watson  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I made this denim lapis piece as part of my beginning practice in learning to solder and bezel set stones. I just couldn’t resist putting an oval stone into a diamond shape and texturing the copper to add interest.

Dalena Watson
Arizona Desert Gems

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  • Colleen says:

    Beautiful! Two elements I love, copper and the color blue! One of these days I will conquer soldering.

  • Alysen says:

    A success for your first soldering project, Congrats!! The colors and materials go well together. I love using ovals on diamond shapes.

  • Rita says:

    Gorgeous! I’d love to see this design with Malachite. I’m so partial to green and cooper. Thanks for sharing.

  • Beautiful work, Dalena! The variety of shapes – circle, diamond, oval – gives your pendant much more interest, and the combination of blue stone and copper metal is a great example of complementary colors in jewelry.

  • Linda says:

    A lovely piece… Geometric harmony!

  • Dorothy Bourne says:


  • Nice job!

  • Leslie says:

    Love the design of this piece! The colors work so well together and the geometric contrast (including the bail ring) makes this pendant so much more interesting!

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