Where Can I Get My Pieces Gold-Filled?

by Kimberley.

Where Can I Get My Pieces Gold-Filled? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have recently started making my own handmade bronze jewelry and I have been trying to search where I can get my pieces gold-filled.

I would really appreciate it if someone could provide this information.

I am a beginner and have a lot to learn.

Thank you so much.


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  • Jean says:

    You could have them “gold plated”, but to have gold filled, you must purchase, and USE Gold-Filled wire.
    Best of Luck on both.

  • Janet says:

    Most of us wire designers buy our wire at Rio Grande. I was a bit nervous working with expensive wire at first, but once you’re confident with your skill it’s not scary anymore, haha. Selling online usually works best with gold filled and sterling silver which hold their shape better also. You can even buy silver filled for less.

  • Hi Kimberly, I am not sure what you mean by “get them gold-filled”. You can buy gold-filled wire and findings, I use Rio Grande Jewelry Making Supplies for most of my supplies, but there are a lot of supply shops out there. If you are soldering on your posts, working with gold-fill an be a little challenging at first, but it can be done. You could also make your own ear wires instead using gold-filled wire. Rena has some great tutorials on making your own ear wires in different, fun shapes. I hope this helps.

  • Diana M Pucci says:

    Hi all,

    I would like to address 2 points to this discussion. 1) What is Gold filled?
    2) Rio Grande

    1) Kimberly what the other ladies said is true. Something that is Gold Filled is done so in manufacturing, a gold filled locket is usually stamped in that medium, it is a sandwich of metals, thin layer of Gold (usually 12k or 14k)on top and bottom with a base metal like copper in the middle.

    Gold-filled wire is also called Rolled Gold, it is wire formed from a extremely thin flat layer of the precious metal (12k, 14k,)fused with a layer of another less expensive metal (usually copper), then the flat strip of fused metal is pulled through a plate(Draw Plate) with holes in it of various sizes, the holes go from large to small. The fused strip is pulled through the largest hole with the base metal(copper) rolled inside, annealed and pulled through the next smaller hole and so on until it reaches the particular gauge needed, each time the wire gets longer and skinnier. Silver-filled is the same only using silver instead of gold.

    If you are doing wire wrapping, I would agree with everyone else, make the final item from gold-filled. You could have your bronze wire, gold plated, ( a thin layer of Gold electrically bonded to the item), but Gold plate rubs of after a bit of wear and there are different thicknesses of Gold Plate. Gold-filled is thicker.(I have made and worn earrings every day for 3 yrs straight, made from 14k gold-filled) for work and it never wore down) You can purchase a plating kit for the amount of money it would cost to have it Gold Plated by someone else. So in the long run it is best and easiest to just purchase the filled wire of choice in the gauge of choice. I would practice my design on copper wire to get wire amounts and perfect the technique, before using the Gold or Gold filled wire to make your final piece. The copper prototypes can be sold as well or keep them as part of your gallery of prototypes.

    However don’t discount Bronze as a medium. It is a beautiful metal and patinas beautifully, even nicer than brass and copper. You could learn to solder 12k or 14k gold wire to the hoops, as you show it, for the ear wire to keep the design intact.(before applying a patina) Gold having a lower melting point you would have to heat the brass to temperature first then put the post to the brass. The gold would act as the solder. I am not sure which Flux you would use for this combination. My Father used to do this, sadly he has passed so I can’t ask him. I would not recommend Gold-Filled wire for this.

    Gold-filled wire could be used as a wrap similar to what you did at the bottom with a end out as the ear post, then from the ear post wrap the other side to match use e6000 glue to keep it from rotating if that becomes an issue. Being on a curve it might not. The combination of metal might be very interesting, especially as the bronze patinas.

    2) If Kimberly does not have a resale # she won’t be able to buy from Rio Grande. Fire Mountain Gems has most of the same supplies and tools as Rio Grande and does not require a Resale #. Same with Panda Hall and Amazon. I use Pay Pal for Panda Hall. Panda Hall and Fire Mountain Gems often have some fantastic sales. Fire Mountain combines items in your orders in such a way that you get a better price the more you order.

    For example: Wire, 12Kt gold-filled, dead-soft, round, 16 gauge. Sold per pkg of 5 feet.
    they have a column 1-14items = $52.20, 15-49= $49.50, 50-99=$46.95, 100+ – $44.60

    All products(except FREE items) apply to your discount Level.

    So you don’t have to buy 15 of the same item to get to the next price level. (This is a current listing.)

    I go to the sales page get a bunch of already discounted beads, tools, clay or what ever and then go to what isn’t on sale and purchase that now at a discount. If an item does not count towards your discount levels it will say so.(rare)

    They also sponsor various Jewelry making contests with various prize amounts, up to $1000. Of course what it really means is, if you win the $1000 you get $1000 worth of product of your choice,from their site.

    They have Tons of how too’s as well. Charts for just about everything you might want to compare.
    Video how to’s and more. I find them an invaluable resource of information.

    If I can’t wait for a Panda Hall or a Fire Mountain Gems sale, I go to Amazon and I even compare the 3 sites for the best price. There are also a plethora of other Jewelry Supply sites too, that sell to the public. An unusual source for tools is Micro Mart a online and catalog for miniature train enthusiasts.

    Keep in mind, the price of metals fluctuates, you can look up the current rate on a search engine. Extremely few vendors will sell below the market price, but most mark up from market price, after all they too are trying to make a living for themselves and for their employees.
    This news letter by Rena is also one of my favorite reads for info and to see what other artisans are up to. Once I get my new studio up and running I will post some of the jewelry I have done in the past, then when I am making again some those.

    Thanks Rena, You have great site.

    Good Luck Kimberly!

    Diana Pucci

  • Hi Diana! Thank you for taking the time to share this clear information. And thank you for your lovely feedback on the JMJ newsletter!

  • Linda says:

    Just a correction here: I do not have a resale # and buy from Rio Grande all the time. Without a resale #, you just don’t get the lowest wholesale price. You must set up an account, though, to see prices.

    That said, I have found that I often get the best price in metal components at RG, and of course, the quality is superb.

  • Alice says:

    Hi lots of good info here, just one thing tho. I have been buying supplies from Rio Grande for many years and have never needed a resale number to do so, even when I was just a newbie hobbyist.

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