Enamel Heart Pendant

by Andrea Packheiser.
(Auburn, CA)

Enamel Heart Pendant by Andrea Packheiser  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

This piece is torched-fired enamel on copper. I used glass threads, stamps, and glass fusings to embellish.

Andrea Packheiser
Andrea Packheiser Enamel
Andrea Packheiser Enamel Facebook

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  • A charming idea for Valentine‚Äôs Day, Andrea, and it looks like there are so many possibilities and ways you could use it. I especially like the rustic look the cord gives it.

  • Janice says:

    Sweet piece! I visited your website and watched your video – great use of pennies for elevating your piece as you sift. I’m new to enameling and am having lots of fun with it. Fire on!

  • Judith says:

    It’s really cute. I didn’t know you could torch-fire enamel on copper. Good to know!

  • Katie says:

    Fun, beautiful pieces. I love your shop! Have you ever considered just selling components along with the fully assembled jewelry? I can see lots of possibilities in combining your components in other types of jewelry making! I love how bright and happy they look!

  • I like the unusual effects you get using different bits and pieces but especially admire the lines and writing. That takes skill! What do you use for counter enamel?

    I’ve been making jewelry using silver and stones for several years but am tempted to do enameling, after taking a workshop. However, I’m wondering if enamel on copper jewelry is easy to sell. Of course, much depends on the creator’s skill, doesn’t it?

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