Take the Display Idea, But Make It Yours!

by Luann Udell.
(Keene, NH)

Luann uses display fixtures that fade into the background, letting her jewelry and fiber art take center stage. She is also careful to only display one or two of each different item at a time, making even her production items look like one-of-a-kind.


Artist Luann Udell continues the conversation from Tony Kadysewski’s Nine Necklace Fixturings Compared blog post and Necklace Display Fixtures page.

This was a great article, and I’ve already bookmarked Tony’s highly informative Fixtures Close Up blog. Thanks, Tony!

One comment: Remember these ideas work beautifully for a commercial retail franchise, and one that specializes in imported, inexpensive mass-produced fashion jewelry to boot.

Note how too many multiples of the same piece screams, “Mass-produced!”, not “Unique!”

And how paper tags that make it easier to display the necklaces also discourages your customers from actually trying it on.

Even if you are making trendy, inexpensive jewelry, you don’t want to actually look like your work is in the same ballpark as a Claire’s store:

Twin hook necklace fixturing with cards in a Claire's store, photographed by Tony Kadysewski.

For one thing, they will always win on price. We can never match the prices of jewelry made in China–there is no end to how low you can go.

A better business model is to create work that DOESN’T just look like something you can buy at the big box stores.

Whether it’s nicer materials, quality findings, creative designs and use of color, or just the notion that we make it ourselves, we offer something different.

Even by making your customer’s experience fun, exciting and engaged, we offer something more, something different.

Look at the display pics for INSPIRATION. Choose the principles that will work for YOUR jewelry display, and modifty them to showcase your own unique, handcrafted creations.

Observe how lighting enhances or detracts from the display. For example, in the display I thought looked the most organic (the ‘plug ‘n’ play display, with wood background and dramatic lighting):

Plug 'n play jewelry display photographed by Tony Kadysewski.

. . . note how the light draws your eye to the center of the board where the…bracelets?…are. That’s where your most fabulous creation should be.

I also liked the mix of jewelry in that same display. Very organic. It looked like someone’s jewelry box, which allows your customer to imagine the piece in THEIR jewelry box! :^)

Okay, getting off my soapbox now. :^D

Luann Udell
Luann Udell: fiber polymer, mixed media
Luann Udell’s blog


by: KJ

I have been following Luann’s blog for quite some time. This display is fabulous and absolutely appropriate for her work. It was great to see the pictures.

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