Easy-to-Make Earring and Jewelry Display and Storage

by Lisa Glenn.
(Knoxville, Tennesse, USA)

Easy Earring and Jewelry Display

As a jewelry-maker, every friend I have gets a piece of jewelry on birthdays, Christmas, etc. After several years of giving my best friend, Tina, loads of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, I noticed one day that her dresser and bathroom vanity were covered with jewelry that had no home!

I decided then that the best gift she could get for her next birthday, was a jewelry “box” worthy of all those goodies! And, of course, it had to be easy to access and easy to see everything.

I set out to make something unique for her (since that is, indeed, what I do!) and found an old frame in the garage that I had bought at a second-hand store several years before. I painted it white and distressed it with sandpaper for a shabby-chic look that went with her bed and bathroom decor.

I purchased a roll of window screen and some cup hooks at my local Walmart for just a few dollars. I cut the window screen to just slightly larger than the inside of the frame, and staple-gunned the screen to the back.

I then added the cup hooks (and later, a few nails along the sides) at the bottom to hang her necklaces and bracelets. Lastly, I used a bent nail on each side at the back of the frame to attach the strings of jute that I tied into a pretty bow to make a hanger. Voila’! Instant display!

Tina has told me on numerous occasions how many compliments she gets from visitors and friends, and of course, it doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂

Lisa Glenn


Great idea
by: Leigh

What a great gift to give your friend and a wonderful way to display the pieces.

great idea
by: Glenda Munguia

I have always wanted to do something with a screen I had, and never have. Thank you for the picture, and description of what you did, I needed to know what to do to go about it.

Happy to help!
by: Lisa Glenn

I am always happy to help! I love being a crafty person, and love sharing ideas that will help others… Good Luck, and please post your own photos when you get done! 🙂

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