Colors for Wedding Jewelry Display Stands

by Carol.


I’m Carol in N. Ireland and I would like to ask for some opinions on whether bridal jewellery looks best displayed on cream or black busts.

I make my wedding jewellery mainly from Swarovski crystals and pearls and need to decide on a display system for my small studio, which I will be opening soon. I will also be displaying a full range of my handmade jewellery but dividing it up into areas for each type.

I welcome any feedback or suggestions and especially any ideas I have not thought of as display is not my strong point.




Wedding Jewelry Display Color Ideas
by: Rena

Hi Carol!

I think displays that provide a contrast to your wedding jewelry will make those pieces stand out better.

I envision jewelry in shades of white, cream, and crystal popping out and showing details better against a medium or dark-colored bust – while those same pieces might disappear or look washed out against a cream or white display.

Also, this is just an idea (if you haven’t already thought of this):

Thumb through a few current issues of various “bride” magazines and see what wedding color schemes seem to be the current trend (the colors that are used for bridesmaids’ dresses, wedding favors, invitations, flowers, etc.).

These currently popular wedding colors could be translated into jewelry display colors that would be very appealing to brides.

You could wrap your jewelry busts with fabric swatches in trendy wedding colors – and change the fabric colors as wedding color trends change.

Quick Color Changes
by: Rita Juhlin

Rena, you took the words right out of my mouth,lol. My thought for a quick color change is: you can put a variety of color boards together, like they do on the shopping networks.

What ever the bride’s colors are, pull out a color board and slide it under the jewelry. If you choose the “most often” used colors you should be pretty well covered like pink, blue, peach, etc.

The color boards I’ve seen are about the size of a rectangle of felt, some spray glue and poster board and you all set.

Good luck on your soon to open studio!!

Wedding Display Stands
by: Anita

Hi Carol:

Just wanted to say good luck with your studio! I agree that pearls and crystals will show up better on dark backgrounds. But if you feel black would be too harsh, you can soften the display stands by draping them with some tule or silk chiffon in white, ivory or pastel colors. This will give a “bridal” look to that area of your shop too. There’s just something so romantic about pearls and tule.

I just started doing this when taking pics of my jewelry and it really looks nice.

Colors for Wedding Jewelry Display Stands
by: Patricia Saab Designs

Congratulations on having your own studio! Although I’ve only done shows and bazaars so far, I wasn’t completely pleased with my inexpensive black velvet easel display stands, and how even my boldest, colorful pieces looked against the dark color. So I found some sturdy knit fabric that wouldn’t ravel and made ivory slip covers and matching table topper. I used a few of the black easels as accents. Finally achieved the look I wanted! I may add some other colors for seasonal changes, too!

Wedding Jewerly
by: Arbie Goodfellow

I also sell wedding accessories with both Swarovski Crystals and Pearls.
I do like black for a contrast… however I use soft creams for my trade show diplays.
I like a softer look and my studio is shabby chic.
Lots of people do black… dare to be different!

Extra benefit… you don’t have to use a roller brush all the time for all the lint.

Try some colors
by: Lisa W.

I had originally purchased all black displays for my beaded jewelry, and I thought they looked great. But when I stood in front of my first booth, all the delicate colors of the amethysts, peridots, etc. had disappeared! I came home that day and put some displays down on my kitchen counter. A necklace slid to the cream-colored counter, and there were my beautiful colors again! Delicate work ad colors look best against light backgrounds, I think. And typical wedding jewelry is most commonly worn with ivory, white, or other light colors, so it seems like the right theme.

Here’s a cheap way to decide for yourself- pick up some fabric swatches or scrapbook papers in different colors, and put your jewelry on it. Try photographing your jewelry against these backgrounds as well. You will know pretty quickly what your jewelry looks best on.

Good luck!

Bust colors …
by: Chelsea

I actually like to use shades of brown. I use a deep chocolate velvet backdrop for most of my pieces, because it’s almost as dark as black but gives a much warmer feel and sets off the luster of pearls (freshwater or Swarovski!) beautifully. I use a light golden tan for black and brown pieces. Perhaps some “natural” skin-toned busts in a velvet or raw silk finish would suit?

Another technique I like is to use a light matte background. I often photograph on white, unglazed broken pottery because the texture is so different that it makes the delicate luster of pearls and sparkle of crystals really stand out!

Use both black and white or cream
by: Maureen

I have a custome jewelry business. We use a neutral tablecloth in taupe with both black and white displays. We use the best contrasting color. We also keep fabric swatches in popular colors to highlight a new item.

by: Carol

Thankyou for all the advice…sorry for the slow feedback. i have been away to a wedding in Cyprus and have only just seen my post. I like the idea of taupe as a neutral colour which I have not thought of and will try a few photos with that to see how it looks.
I agree that black can rob some crystals etc. of their colour.


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