Jewerly Tags Tutorial

by Whitney Dunn.
(Stafford, Virginia USA)

my jewelry tags and earrings from my collection

my jewelry tags and earrings from my collection

scrapbook page, labels, and cardstock

scrapbook page, labels, and cardstock

my tags after they were cut

my tags after they were cut

the finished tag and ring from my collection

the finished tag and ring from my collection

This idea was given to me by my mother-in-law (she is very very crafty). So thanks to her I have this idea to share… I will share all of my pros and cons as well about this… bear with me, this is my first #DIY blog post.

What you will need:

* printable labels
* card stock
* scrap book page (of your choice with a design of your choice)
* single hole puncher
* scissors
* printer and ink 🙂
* lamination machine (or a staples or some store that will do it for you near by)
* 1 push pin
* ribbon

Step one:

Take your printable labels and use the site to download the template. The template will help you to format what you want on them and making printing easy as ABC!

Step 2:

After you have the name or what you want printed on the labels you will do the easy part sticking them on. You take your scrap book page. I picked one that was clear with a black design that I love for my company. (I know what about the card stock???) That will stay plain until later…. I though OMG I’m going to have to measure evenly so that I can place the labels neat, but I DIDN’T! I just placed them as neatly in place as possible and it worked out great. Place the labels on the scrap book page enough to fill up the entire page in columns and rows as even as you can. this will help when cutting them later after lamination.

****For the next step if you can laminate at home, perfect! If not, and you are like me, you will be then taking the card stock and the scrapbook page with the labels unpeeled and placed neatly on it to your nearest staples or other store that will laminate for a low price…for this to be laminate it was $3 and some change…

Step 3:

So to laminate, place the scrapbook page with the labels directly on top of the card stock page. my card stock is white but however you want to do it, should work. remember its only the background. next time maybe I’ll do a color card stock to bring some colors through. Now once its flat on top laminate.

Step 4:

Now its just cutting. Once they are cut into columns cut them across now to make individual tags. Though it was easier for me to have the staples guy cut them into columns for me, because of the paper cuter he uses it cuts off the lamination seal. He then had to go and put another kind of laminate on there and that still didn’t do perfect. He basically said cutting them with scissors is definitely the better move next time. THEREFORE!, I suggest that you cut them yourself with scissors or maybe one of the old cutters that just slices it. (I need one of those). When I brought mine home they were in columns and when I cut them across some opened up at the top and bottom. I figure as long as they don’t open on the sides its okay.

Step 5:

If you want to use them for tags for your earrings…use the push pin and push it through the tag gently where you want to place your earrings…be gentle because the force you will be using to push the pin through, you don’t want that to damage your tag.

Step 6:

So for you other jewelry like rings, necklaces, or bracelets get your hole punch and ribbon ready. My ribbon was on sale at Michaels and its not very thick because its just a standard single hole punch. (note: be careful again when punching the whole). After you punch the hole, put the ribbon through, tie it around your piece of jewelry and double knot and tie a cute little bow…(note: I don’t tie the the know very tightly around the piece I give a little room for the tag to move freely)…


I ran into a few issues with the lamination and cutting process…in the last picture you can see on one side of the tag there is more space, that was not on purpose, however it made it great for the pieces other than rings.It was very simple and I will be using this idea ALWAYS! but I will have to keep you all updated on how it goes the next time..The next time I plan to get them laminated but I will cut the columns and tags with scissors at home and see how that goes…if that doesn’t work, I really don’t want to get each one individually laminated…so I will update you the next time I make more tags! let me know what you think!!!

Whitney Dunn


Thankls for the directions
by: Anonymous

These will certainly help. I appreciate the details that you provided for the tags.

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