Make Jewelry Hang Tags from Business Cards

by Pamela Vale.
You can make jewelry hang tags and earring cards from your business cards for a professional, economical, creative look. Here are two examples of tags printed “2 up” on business cards and cut apart:

Jewelry hang tags by Pamela Vale.

Jewelry hang tags by Pamela Vale.

When I started my jewelry business, homemade tags printed off of my computer were a great option. They were fast, custom and economical.

This method also gave me time to decipher what my tag needs were, and which shapes and sizes would work best with my displays and jewelry pieces.

As my business evolved, I found that I wanted something a little more professional that would take less of my time – leaving more time to make jewelry!

I began to research custom tag companies on the Internet, but being a small business, I found most minimum purchases and prices too high.

Plus, I don’t know about you, but when I was starting out, it seemed like every time I actually put something “in print” it changed! Phone number, web address, mailing address, favorite display photo, etc.

I was determined to find a flexible, affordable option.

I had been ordering my business cards from an online printing company for years, and was very happy with the value and quality of their products.

So I started cutting up my business cards and trying out different ways to hang and attach them to my jewelry….

BINGO! Problem solved.

Why Professionally Printed Business Cards
Make Great Jewelry Hang Tags

  1. Extremely economical: so if information changed it was no problem re-ordering.
  2. Professional appearance: heavier cardstock than I could fit through my computer and really clear, sharp full color printing.
  3. Smart: eliminated wear and tear on my printer (not to mention the cost savings on color printer cartridges).
  4. Easy, time saving: I could design my cards, in the privacy of my home, on my time, in my pajamas, while my son was asleep!
  5. Good marketing: I could create a “look” for my printed material so that items coordinated.
  6. Gave me lots of options: I could choose from hundreds – maybe thousands of their stock backgrounds and graphic designs – making it really simple when I didn’t want to think.
  7. Cut down on “back stock”: the business cards came in small boxes and quantities of 250.

Designing My Jewelry Hang Tags

I began designing my tags right on the online printing company’s website.

It was very user friendly and the best part was that I could upload full color photos! (And at the time, I didn’t even know what “uploading” was.)

Examples of
How I Used Business Cards
for My Jewelry Hang Tags

I would print my information multiple times on the card, and then cut them apart while watching TV or during a slow point at a show – (see below).

Necklace, Bracelet, and Earring Hang Tags:

Four jewelry tags cut from one business card

Four jewelry tags cut from one business card

For necklace, bracelet, and earring hang tags, I printed my material “4-up” on a horizontal card – cutting length-wise and width-wise to create 4 small rectangle tags from each full business card.

I would attach the cards to my jewelry using DMC embroidery floss (used for needlepoint), ribbon, or plastic “lock-ties” (from Staples Office Supply Store).

Necklace Hang Tags:

Two necklace hang tags cut from one business card

Two necklace hang tags cut from one business card

For necklace hang tags, I printed my material “2-up” on a horizontal card – cutting it length-wise, for two long, skinny tags from each card.

Again, I would attach the cards to my jewelry using DMC embroidery floss (used for needlepoint), ribbon, or plastic “lock-ties” (from Staples Office Supply Store).

Small Hanging Earring Cards:

Two hanging earring cardscut from one business card (front and back)

Two hanging earring cards
cut from one business card (front and back)

For smaller earring cards, I printed my material “2-up” on a horizontal card – cutting it up and down to create two square tags that I could attach a self adhesive, plastic hanger to the back of.

I would use a straight pin to poke two tiny holes for the ear wires to fit through.

Larger Hanging Earring Cards:

One hanging earring cardprinted on a business card (front and back)

One hanging earring card
printed on a business card (front and back)

For larger earring cards I printed my material “1-up” on a vertical card, and attached a self-adhesive, plastic hanger (available at Rings and Things) to the back of it.

Again, I would use a straight pin to poke two tiny holes for the ear wires to fit through.

These fit perfectly in 3″ x 4″ baggies for storage and display.

Jewelry Gift Cards:

One jewelry gift card printed on a business card

One jewelry gift card printed on a business card

I created a gift enclosure or jewelry gift tag with my information on it, to coordinate with my holiday gift wrap.

I kept the design neutral so these cards could be used all year.

Folded Jewelry Tags:

In a pinch, I have printed a vertical business card, keeping the printed information to the lower half of the card, so that I could fold it in half and use it to hang it on my wire displays.

Make Jewelry Hang Tags from
Your Business Cards

I use an online printing company for all of my printed and marketing material – business cards, hang tags, gift enclosures, earring cards, post cards, brochures, address labels… etc.

Have fun making jewelry hang tags from business cards, and good luck!

Author Pamela Vale of Creative Potential creates handmade jewelry and accessories, with vintage and new materials. Her website is home of The Family Jewels – custom, handmade, personalized “future heirlooms” sculpted in silver, embellished with vintage and semi-precious birthstones.

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  • Linda says:

    hi i want to know who you used for the labels and hang tags. I have business cards but I need to change and add Swarovski Elements to my business cards.

    I am unsure how to do this, since these originally were printed by vista print.. and i can not reuse these again.

    So what you are stating is that I place the same card in and then change the format for them

    I did not know that I can do that.

    Also how do I get to do this using my own info on a peel and stick label. I have my bracelets placed in zippy bags with labels on them. what would you suggest. I have 10,000 celeophane bags I only paid 5.00 for.


  • Melissa says:

    What a fabulous idea. I have been searching for a way to display my pendants for craft bazaars and this will definitely be something I use. Thank you!

  • Kim says:

    This is a great idea! Can I ask what program you used to format 4 cards on one? I’ve been trying to figure this out, but I am not having any success. Thx!

  • Lori says:

    I am trying to do 6 up for small tags cannot figure out how to set up since they need to all be aligned perfectly for cutting. Also what string works best?

  • Jennifer says:

    I love this idea for hang tags and business cards all in one!! Has anyone received a response? I’d like to know the website/company and info to all your gals’ question too. I can’t wait to do these!

  • Ellen Head says:

    Great food for thought. I make Jewelry for Fundraising. At first it was just at our local “Animal” related Festivals. Then different Veterinarians and other Animal Advocates approached me about putting a display in their business’s. It’s a work in progress; how to display as many pieces as possible in a compact space. Serious creative thinking here; HELP!! But thanks to your idea’s I can re-word and reorder our Address labels with more appropriate info. Still need to keep the originals; but you’ve shown me the benefits a little “tweaking” might do. As a small all Volunteer non-profit (River Region Animal Rescue) that targets low-income area’s we need to raise every penny we can! Now can someone help me create a 48 hour day?

  • Susan R says:

    Wow!! What a great idea and thank you so much for all the details. Just for fun, I went on Vista and played with some cards of my own. You have to eyeball the four sections that you make when you do it. I started with a plain black card and just added my business name, my business statement, web address and phone number and a small picture that I am currently using as my logo. It takes a bit of time to get all the fonts the right size and move things around, but they look like they will be adorable!!

    I also tried doing the “2 up” on the one business card, and then I also noticed that you can rotate the text as well, so I rotated it so that when I would cut them in half, each half is more square rather than cutting them in half the long way. Anyway, great idea!! I have been struggling with all of this. Then, I guess it will be fairly easy to print out price stickers and I can just stick the price tag right on the back of the hang tag (I think Rena said she does this too).

  • Vanessa says:

    Thank you for sharing your great tip on business cards, jewellery and tag cards. Necessity is often the “Mother of Invention”. I lost my supplier which allowed me to do some searches on the internet. It takes time to get the template just right and doesn’t hurt calling people like Vista Print for advise at their customer service. The blog is great. Well done.

  • Pamela Vale says:

    Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! I am so glad this helped some of you. Pam

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