More Grommeted Jewelry Card Ideas…

by Lady Mockingbird.
(Henderson, NY)

Several Items Carded up

About a year ago, while visiting the ‘oh so evil’ Michael’s crafts, I saw in the $1 bins some packets of ivory linen textured blank greeting cards each of which had a single metallic gold embossed shape on the fronts.

Bracelet style

Each package of 8 cards was only $1.00.

I’d been wanting to get some inexpensive card stock to do up some loss leaders in the form of fun colorful elastic bracelets that I could package and toss into a basket with a $3.00 ea or 4 for $10.00 price tag to draw in the clients looking for a bargain, and to give kids using their allowance money something in an affordable price range.

The basket of goodies was a hit at my summer shows, and the original idea I had, of cutting up the cards into smaller ones with slits for mounting the bracelets has now morphed into something just a trifle more professional in appearance.

I am still using the $1.00 bin card stock, as Michael’s ALWAYS has those cards there. But I’ve added a couple of elements.

I cut the cards in different sizes for different types of items:

* I use two grommets on necklace and earring cards.

* 4 grommets on bracelet cards.

* Four for the bracelet cards is because I fold the card in half around the bracelet, like a hang tag and use either ribbon or wire to close the grommeted corners to one another.

Clear address labels get a double imprint of my bird icon and are cut in half to make logo labels, one for each card.

Finally, my store name, my name, the ETSY site URL and my e-mail address go on the back side of each grommeted card.

I use wire to mount necklaces but instead of taping the wire ends down, I spiral them in case a client wants to try on the item.

I can simply pull out the spiral, unmount the piece, and let my client try on the fit and feel without tearing up the label on the back of the card.

Each card gets my initials on the front. Any special materials used handwritten on the front, and an inventory # and price on the backside.

Whew! Inexpensive, adjustable because I can cut different sizes and, hopefully, they give off a professional and unifying element to my booth during this coming summer’s shows.

Lady Mockingbird
Mockingbird Lane Creations


Versatile Jewelry Cards!
by: Rena

Nice find – clever and very well done! The price is reasonable, and as you showed above, there is a lot of versatility and room for creativity.

Also it’s nice to be able to buy very small quantities of cards – especially for folks who are just starting out and want to experiment with things before committing to large quantities of supplies.

Thanks so much for sharing your neat idea!

And for anyone who hasn’t seen the other fantastic grommetted card idea here, see Angie Simonsen’s Pendant and Ring Display Cards.

jewelry cards
by: Anonymous

Michael’s is evil goodness!

they’re great!
by: Angie S

LOVE the bracelet card! I haven’t been to Michael’s in years, but I made need to return to check out their cards and paper!

nifty ideas
by: Denise

thanks so much for the neat ideas.

by: Linda Coppolino

FYI, Michaels $1.00 bind is now $1.50! So if you still have it for $1.00 by you, grab what you can!

Good comments and a great tip.
by: LadyMockingbird

Thanks so much for all of your responses. And I will be heading out to see if my local Michael’s is still under the old pricing.

$1.50 is still a pretty reasonable price for 8 cards that I’m able to translate into enough packaging to keep the price at around 5 cents each display card. (I’m including the labels, ink & grommets. NOT the labor.)

Love your cards!
by: Vicky

I love the grommet idea for your cards. I use cards for my jewelry but never thought of the grommet idea. Is it easy to do? Is it time- consuming?
I was already thinking how I could easily display my crafts, so it wouldn’t tear up the cards. This is a great idea.
Thanks, Vicky

To Vicky
by: LadyMockingbird

In the scrapbooking section of your local crafts store you can find special paper grommets. All you need to do this is a “small hole” hole punch tool (I actually use my metal punch tool, but I know others who use an awl for this.

You will also need a grommet setter. Basically a piece of steel with a nipple on one end that guides the edges of each grommet outward while protecting the inner open hole area of the grommet from collapse.

Finally a small hammer and a firm surface. 3M has a special 4″ square setting pad, but I just use a nice piece of smoothly sanded wood for mine.

Punch the holes. Put a grommet in each hole, use the setter hammer each grommet once or twice, and voila.

Takes me about 3-5 seconds per card.

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