Jewelry Display Cards

by Jeff Tullock.

I have been doing jewelry and craft shows now for about 8 years, and one thing I have struggled with for this entire time is the big three challenges.

Jeff and Mary Tullock’s Wrap It Up jewelry booth.

The Three Challenges:

  • how to make my booth look professional,
  • how to make my booth functional,
  • and how to cut back on setup and takedown time without spending a fortune.

Jewelry Display Cards

I have experimented with a lot of different displays, and some have been successful while others have not.

With all I have tried, I keep going back to my favorite – the laminated paper card.

I like the look of the stand up cardboard bust with each pendant displayed separately. But the problem with these busts is they are expensive and extremely hard to keep looking good.

So I have made a re-usable jewelry display card to help me solve these problems. I call them “paper cards”.

Jeff and Mary’s laminated jewelry display
“paper cards” stand up like little tents.

To create them, I make a display card that looks very much like a business card with some minor changes.

I use a card stock (available at any office supply) to make them. I like to put my business name and web site address on the cards, along with a very simple graphic (you don’t want to distract from the jewelry piece).

I make the cards long enough to fold into little tents that will stand on a shelf or table.

I print these cards, and then laminate them with standard lamination sheets (also available at any office supply), which helps keep the cards rigid and clean. After laminating, I punch 2 holes in the card to put a tie through to hang a pendant on.

I have also discovered that once the jewelry display cards are laminated, I can write the name of the stone along with the price on the card with a wet erase pen.

Then when I sell the item, I can wipe the name and price off the card with a damp cloth and re-use the card. I have re-used one set of cards several times, I have yet to determine how many times each card can be used.

As if this is not enough, these cards are also great for booth setup and takedown.

Front view of the
jewelry display cards in action.

To store the card and pendant I simply take them off the display shelf and lay them in a small cardboard box, leaving pendant on the card, so for the next show I just take it out and put it on the shelf.

The same design made smaller can be used to display earrings, either standing up as tents on a shelf or folded over and hung on a display.

The best thing about the paper card is they are very easy and inexpensive to make. If you have experienced the same problems with displaying pendants and other pieces of jewelry, give the paper display card a try – I think you will like it.

Author Jeff Tullock and his wife Mary of Wrap It Up Jewelry create the finest quality wire wrap jewelry. They hand cut their own cabochons and gemstones, then wrap them in 14kt rolled gold or sterling silver creating a wearable work of art.

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