Golden–Cuz it is Erasable

by Pat Barden.
(Chatham, NY)

These tags are the best–I bought them from Firemountain. Pen does not work
well on them, fine by me as I prefer pencil when I write. The best thing though, when you erase the pencil it is totally gone. One cannot tell it has been erased–so no more tossing out the tags
because you “serling” rather than “sterling”

Pat Barden
Pat Barden Jewelry


Great idea
by: Leigh

Wonderful idea to have tags that are reusable. Thanks for sharing this.

Erasable and Reusable Tags
by: Rena

Pat, I like the idea of re-usable tags – and these are a much more interesting color than the ordinary white ones (which would also show every mistake and erasure!).

Here’s another idea for a way these can be recycled:

For price tags, I use small removeable stickers. I peel them off when the jewelry sells – but the stickers are a one-time use and have to be thrown away after using.

With these erasable tags, though, you could pencil in the price, and when you take the price tag off when the jewelry sells, you could erase and re-use the tag.

Thanks for sharing about these tags, Pat!

golden tags; golden idea
by: Elaine King : “Accent Designs Jewelry”

I have been using these tags for a few years and love them; they do not detract from my jewelry and actually dress up my displays. Since my gift boxes, tissue, bags and even my business cards are a leopard print, the gold tags are a perfect compliment. You are so right about how the finish on the tags resists a standard pen; I like to use an extra-fine point sharpie on them, especially for the items on consignment in outside locations, but I like the option of using a pencil for when I desire the ease of making changes. I have found it necessary to adjust prices more often because of changes in the metal market. Thanks for the idea.

Reusable and Erasable Tags
by: Chainmaille Lady

I do art/craft shows with my chainmaille jewelry and always put a silver coated plastic Sterling tag, along with the plastic silver button-fast ring tab on my jewelry. I take both of them off when when a piece is sold and reuse both of them. I use the “Magic Eraser” sold in grocery stores – works GREAT.

magic eraser?
by: pat barden

hey–do you mean one of thoze pen shaped things to remove stops onthe spot from clothing?

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