Japan-Inspired Jewelry Packaging I: Origami Gift Boxes

by Karen Kelsky.
(Eugene, Oregon, USA)

Hand-folded Origami Gift Boxes

The box bottoms in coordinating colors

This is the first of a three part post on Japanese-style jewelry packaging ideas I developed.

Paper Demon Jewelry is Modern jewelry from Japanese things.

So, I am always seeking ways to evoke Japan WITHOUT being too old-fashioned or “traditional”. I always want to bring the beauty of Japanese handmade paper and fabric to modern, global jewelry styles.

I’ve developed several ways to package my jewelry when I ship it out after sale on Etsy.

The first one, that I use the most, is the hand-folded origami box. I use a simple fold to create the top and bottom out of different but coordinating elegant scrapbook paper that has an Asian flair.

Each top and bottom is made from a quarter sheet of scrapbook paper, so costs stay low. I use scrapbook paper because it is heavy and holds up to shipping well.

I reinforce it with small pieces of heavy cardboard that I slip into the sides of the bottom while folding.

I then finish with a beautiful coordinating ribbon (I collect these at yard sales and salvation armies, etc.).

It is a bit of extra time to make these, and obviously if my business gets too big I wont be able to, but right now it’s a good selling point and always gets a big reaction from customers.

I sell the handfolded origami gift boxes by themselves on my site as well for $4.

Karen Kelsky
Paper Demon Jewelry blog
Paper Demon Jewelry on Etsy


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Handmade origami gift boxes
by: Rena

What a fantastic packaging touch, Karen! I love how it incorporates another Japanese art form plus gorgeous Asian-inspired paper designs. A perfect touch to set the mood for the lucky recipient of your jewelry.

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