Doweled Wood Earring Display

by Amylee.
(Newcastle, CA)

Doweled wood earring display by Amylee

I was looking for ideas on how to make an earring display and I got this idea from the inexpensive earring display made by Laina on this website.

I made mine the same style, but different by using:

  • 2 – 1 meter long dowels to hang earrings on
  • 2 little wood picket fence panels to hold dowels like a ladder
  • 2 pieces of wood heavy and long enough to prevent tipping for base.

Tools needed:

  • drill
  • saw
  • screws
  • sandpaper
  • paint (optional).

I sawed three even pieces from each dowel.

I sawed the point off of the wood picket fence panel and drilled 6 even holes in each panel just big enough for the dowels to fit snug.

I drilled 2 used pieces of wood to the bottom of the panel with screws so it doesn’t tip.

After all the sawing and drilling I sanded it and painted it with acrylic paint.

You can make it smaller or bigger and the base wood can go in the inside as well, I liked it on the outside.

I made mine tall and it’s completely filled with my handmade earrings.

It took a couple hours, but it was well worth saving the money to make it at home, especially if you have the stuff listed above.

Thank you everyone for all the inspiring ideas I saw on this website.



by: Marcia

I love it. I like the fact that the earrings are not hanging and covering the ones below. Maybe you can put some kind of rubber band like thing on the dowels in between each earring and keep them from sliding into each other, and your customers may put them back neatly and in the place they were in. I’ll add this to my to try list. Thanks alot.

by: Linda

What a great idea and inexpensive as jewelry artists we all know that we are always looking for creative ways to display our jewelry at a low cost.

Thanks for sharing i am going to try this

Works for me too.
by: Rita Juhlin

I did the same thing using larger pieces for necklaces. Wider side boards to accommodate the larger rods.

I had a unused closet rod. A wood one that you can get at a big box store. Wrapped the closet rod using some spray on glue and rolled the rods up in felt. I also added a back and covered the back with mirror squares. Works Great!!

Timely tip for earring display
by: Siggi Confer

AmyLee…your tip could not have come at a better time! I have just been telling my husband that I needed something to display my earrings at an upcoming Show. What I have is not big enough for the long earrings now in style. So your tip takes care of what I need and my hubby can easily make it for me. Thank you so much

Earring and necklace displays
by: Vera

Great idea for earring display. I’ve used side bars from IKEA shelving which has the holes pre-drilled.
Then just buy doweling and cut to size. I glued the dowels in the holes. Painted the displays mat black.

Table top displays: use the short shelf sides and hinge 2 panels together. Add hinges and the stand opens up like a book and stands on it’s own on a table. Add a handle to the top and you can carry your display wherever you go, without removing the jewellery.

Floor displays: use the tall shelf sides and add hinges the same way as the table top displays.

Add a background: use a light weight material such as cotton and tack it to the back of the displays. I used black. Now you have a background for the jewellery and it can hide your cash box or coffee from the front of your booth.

love this display
by: Karen

i really love ur display — you can fit tons of earrings on there and their not all crammed like store bought earring racks

earring display
by: Marlies

I did almost the same thing except that I used metal rods instead of wooden dowel rods

Earring Display
by: Marlies

The one I had made looks similar to yours, except that my base is one long piece to go across the bottom. Then I could screw in the sides to it– that way I knew for certain that it would not tip over. I also used metal rods instead of wood–won’t warp.

great earring rack!
by: kathie

My friend & I have just started to make our own jewelry & are looking for inexpensive ways to display them. This earring rack is just perfect!

just another suggestion to keep them from sliding into each other
by: Anonymous

Here’s a suggestion which will take a little extra time to complete.
Measure every other inch on the top of each dowel with a small dot. This will be your separation point of each set of earrings.
Starting at a point 1/2 inch from the side of the post make an incision 1/8 inch deep with a hacksaw blade moving 1/2 inch from that incision make a second incision. Moving over 1 whole inch from that incision make two more incisions 1/2 inch from each other, and continue on in this manner until you reach the end of the dowel.
Hang the earrings into these incision points and they will not slide into each other.
Problem solved.

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