How I Make Handmade Oval Jump Rings

by Debra Lowe.
(Denver, Colorado USA)

I wanted to share something…I may be behind and you all may be very adept at jump ring creations.

tiny oval jump rings

tiny oval jump rings

I was at a show last weekend and asked my favorite tool guy about a jump ring making tool…for ‘oval’ jump rings. I’ve made the round ones for years, and I needed some very small oval rings. He said he didn’t know of any…driving home I had an epiphany…

I took an old worn needle file, went to my grinder and shaped it to a slightly smaller oval than the rings I needed. Worked very well and I now have some tiny oval jump rings for my project.

I used a needle file primarily for the small size. I have no doubt an old screw driver would work also. If you have already worked this out, great. If not, give it a try~

Debra Lowe
rosebudsnpearls at Etsy

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