Black & Silver Postmodern Victorian Necklace

by Terrie Marcoe.
(New Paltz, NY and Joshua Tree, CA)

I love vintage and antique sewing buttons, and have quite a cache, which I use to make ponytail holders for my Talisman Studios shop on Etsy.

More of the old stock buttons, used as ponytail holder in my Talisman Studios shop

More of the old stock buttons, used as ponytail holder in my Talisman Studios shop

I pride myself in using them in a way that does not damage the buttons – they remain their value as collectible items.

On occasion, I use them in my jewelry work, and here I am showcasing my most recent piece. It is a princess length pendant necklace, with a focal point being a 1940’s Czech glass button.

The button is old factory stock, and has never been used until now. All these years, waiting in a bin, to find it’s purpose.

Detail of Pendant/Fringe

Detail of Pendant/Fringe

The button is an intaglio design featuring a dainty wildflower. The jet black base of the button really provides a good contrast for the silver accent. Masterful Czech button makers took full advantage of their skill with the crisp and delicate details.

TMarcoe: Black & Silver Postmodern Victorian Necklace 3

To compliment the button, I have used black and silver seed beads in a seemingly random pattern, and included shiny black glass rondelle beads to add interest in the neckline. A trio of fringe ends are placed below the focal button, which balances the design and helps hold the button in position.

Terrie Marcoe
Talisman Studios at Etsy
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  • Sarah S. says:

    I love this design! Wonderful work.

  • Terrie, these are really fab antique buttons from your collection – and both the ponytail holder and necklace are delightful ways to use them! The necklace design works especially beautifully with the button.

  • Sue Shade says:

    These are great Terrie

  • Just love antique buttons. I have made a necklace with a large one wrapped as the focal point. I also use them when I make quilts. Cathy

  • Bev says:

    Terrie, this is beautiful! I would love to use buttons as a focal but I have one question: How do you attach it to your necklace without it falling forward since there is no bail (at the top) and the part you attach it to is in the middle of the button? Does that make sense? I’m still a novice. Thank you in advance!

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