Glue and Stamping Quick Tips

by Candy Carlile.

Glue and Stamping Tips, by Candy Carlile  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I have discovered a couple of jewelry making tips I wanted to share.

Tip #1:

Forget twisting the lid on and off of E 6000 glue!

Just cut a Q tip in the middle and put the smooth end inside the top.

It fits perfectly inside a 2 fluid oz. tube.

It’s quick and easy to use while working and keeps the glue from drying out.

Tip #2:

Love using the pretty brass stampings in your jewelry?

If you want to glue them onto something you are creating, first fill them with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

Let dry overnight until set, then you have a full base to glue securely.

If there are holes in the stamping, just put a small piece of tape over the outside before filling to prevent the Mod Podge from leaking through.

Candy Carlile
Texas Woman Studio

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