Earring Cards That Tell Your Story

by Maryanne Murphy.
(Atlanta, Ga)

Collectors Card for Rare Nightmare

Before Xmas Bracelet

Halloween Cards

Had to put the earrings through the skulls eyes. 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Having to make earring cards, or something to put earrings in started with my Biker Chic(tm) jewelry line. Earrings from my On The Rocks line went into a box, but Biker Chic was going to events and only the higher end items would ship in a box.

So, after looking around (here on Rena’s site) I decided to make my own. It was easy and a great solution so that all the earrings and jewelry that could get tangled were arranged on the cards then placed into self sealing cello bags. This worked especially well when the jewelry was transported to a show via motorcycle!

Then I decided that I wanted to write a personal note with the jewelry and started to use these really pretty cards from Michael’s.

I would just punch the holes (usually unevenly, oh well) inside the card and write my note (you can get tiny hole punches at craft store), and put it into the matching envelope, bubble wrap it and put it into the shipping envelope.

I really like to personalize my jewelry and differentiate myself. I often add little surprises, like magnets, nail art, Xmas decoration etc. with the jewelry.

Then I got fancy. My first folder was for Biker Chic. As we say; “Biker Chic isn’t a brand. It’s a lifestyle.”

And I wanted to explain exactly what that is to people who purchase Biker Chic jewelry and where they have to go to purchase it. There are a few options which don’t fit very well on business card.

The money from Biker Chic jewelry sales goes back into the community. To find out what that means check out my website at On the Rocks Gemstone Jewelry. Biker Chic’s website needs to be updated, but that’s my daughter, Cat’s job.

My next “card” was for my 9/11 Anniversary jewelry. I have plenty to say about this and the card gives me that ability to share a very important poem, why I created this jewelry, my own”slogan” and of course where my jewelry can be purchased. That information is always on the back of the card.

I have 2 cards for my Halloween earrings and I am about to make up the Christmas card for the Fun Xmas Earrings which I posted separately in the Earring Designs section here on Rena’s site.

I am using Microsoft Publisher to create the cards. But you can also create them in Word by using the “Table” feature. But it’s easier in Publisher and you have a lot more flexibility.

At first I just did the front and the back because they are on the same page. The I got adventurous and decided that I had enough to say and had to use the inside of the card. That took a while, but with a lot of trial and error (and printing in “proof” mode) I now have a template which lets me print on the front, back and insides.

This is working very nicely for me, and I hope it gives you some ideas as well.

Maryanne Murphy
Maryanne Murphy Designs

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