Earring Cards that Are Also Necklace Cards

by Dalia Costa.

Dalia’s earring / necklace card

I decided that it was time to change my earring cards to something more simple and that give all attention to my pieces… This was what I made.

I always use my trademark colors and font to give all my marketing material the same look, it’s easier for customers.

After I made it in Photoshop I send it to a local print shop and the idea turned reality!

When I was putting the little holes for the earrings I figure that these cards were also perfect to wrap and display my pendant necklaces!

They are great to display in a show but also to put in a celo bag when someone purchases a necklace, and this way your chain will not get messy either!

But I already have a new idea for a next time, add my URL to the bottom and I need to have a idea for the bag and clutch cards.

Hope this idea inspires someone…

Dalia Costa
Saudade Studio


Necklace Cards
by: Rena

What a great idea, Dalia! A nice way to tame necklace chains, while keeping your branding / packaging look consistent.

Looks very professional. Thank you for sharing!

How did you fasten it?
by: Kim – B.B. Bellezza

Looks great! I’m sort of curious of how the chain stays on the card. Do you fasten it somehow (on the back or elsewhere, or does it stay by wrapping it around?


chain wrap
by: Dalia

I make a little cut in each sides of the card and then i hold the chain in to the cut ((the pendant will be hanging just like in the photos)
and wrap it around the card to hide this.


by: Kim

Thanks! They look great!

neat idea
by: Daliah

so are these just business cards with a hole for earrings and slits for necklaces?

I really like the idea for the necklaces. I won’t display that way, but if there is time, it’s a nice way to quickly wrap up. Do you not gift wrap at shows? I have really great gift wrap boxes. Puff pillow boxes with tissue.

Very Nice!
by: Crystal Boyd

I love your ideal. They are very original and cute. It serves the purpose for both earrings and necklaces. Very well done and thought out.

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